Petrol-Diesel Price Increase Continues in 7 days know the Price in Your City.

Petrol-diesel Price

Even in the Corona period, the Chinese economy is on a surprising development path. For this reason, the import of crude oil increased there at the rate of 11.12 million per day in the last January. This is up 18 per cent, or 1.74 million per day over the previous December. The way in which China is increasing crude oil imports at this time, it is expected to increase further. Due to this, there were indications of increase in Crude Oil Price on Monday. In the domestic market, petrol and diesel caught fire here for the 7th consecutive day. Petrol climbed 26 paise per liter to Rs 88.99 in Delhi on Monday. Diesel also jumped 29 paise to Rs 79.35 per liter. Currently, the prices of both fuels are running at all time high in almost every city.

Petrol has become costlier by Rs 05.18 in the new year

The new year has not been good for petroleum fuels. While petrol became expensive in just 19 days in January and February, but it has become expensive by Rs 05.18 in these days. In Mumbai, petrol has crossed Rs 95, which is the highest among metro cities. With this, petrol went to All Time High Price in almost all cities. Prior to this, petrol prices were also increased in the second half of last year. If seen, its price has increased by more than Rs 18 per liter in the last 10 months.

Diesel has also become expensive by Rs 05.48

The price of diesel along with petrol is also on the way to record. Diesel was up 32 paise yesterday. Today again it has become expensive by 29 paise. Diesel has become costlier by Rs. 05.48 per liter during 19 days in the new year. It is also at an all-time high. If seen, its price has increased by more than Rs 16 in the last 10 months alone.

Now the list of Petrol-diesel Price

City Neme Petrol Price Diesel Price
Kolkata 90.2582.94
Ranchi 86.8683.91
Bengaluru 91.9784.12
Patna 91.3884.57
Chandigarh 85.6479.06
Lucknow 87.6479.72