Panoramic windows: washing features

Panoramic windows

Panoramic windows look amazing, especially if they were made according to a special project, taking into account all the features of the living space. However, typical variations of such structures look as presentable as possible. What’s more, they provide optimal natural light and are a great addition to almost any contemporary interior.

But these windows also have one serious drawback – they are very difficult to clean. In most cases, washing of panoramic windows is ordered from specialized cleaning organizations, since it is rather problematic to clean these structures on your own. Especially if they are installed in high-rise buildings, due to which their washing requires a stepladder and a convenient hand tool.

What explains the inconvenience of washing panoramic windows?

This process is traditionally characterized by increased complexity, and this is justified by several reasons at once:

Structural dimensions. Do-it-yourself window cleaning will take a lot of time, and you will have to try very hard to get the desired results. It is quite difficult to wash the glass without leaving streaks, and inadvertently missing small spots is also quite easy.</

Height. Not all property owners want to use a stepladder, and without it, cleaning glass and frames is quite problematic. In addition, working even at a low height is a rather dangerous occupation, which is best left to professional window cleaning company.

Non-standard designs. This parameter is especially relevant for washing panoramic windows installed in private homes. Often, structures have very specific shapes, which greatly complicates the process of their periodic cleaning.

There are other difficulties as well. To learn about them, it is enough to start washing windows yourself. The disadvantages of such a solution will become apparent already in the first hour of the said procedure.

How often do windows need to be cleaned?

Usually this service is ordered in two cases. The first is seasonal window cleaning. It is usually carried out in spring and autumn in order to eliminate dust and dirt accumulated over six months

The second is washing after completion of construction and repair work. A more complicated, but necessary process, because leaving building dust or paint residue on panoramic windows is an unwise decision.

What are the steps involved in window cleaning?

Usually washing panoramic windows is carried out in several stages:

Determination of the type of soiling and selection of suitable cleaning agents. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances. To eliminate stains, one consumable is needed, to get rid of dust, others. The main thing is to ensure crystal cleanliness without damaging the surface of the products.

Direct window cleaning. There are various options here. A scraper and similar devices may be used. Sometimes, instead of classical means, special chemical compositions are prepared. In the presence of a large number of difficult-to-remove contaminants, it is possible to use a hardware wash using high-pressure apparatuses. At the end, they are sure to bring shine.

Drying. After washing, be sure to remove stains and streaks, after which they carefully get rid of moisture. High-quality drying is a guarantee of a presentable appearance of windows, and therefore the maximum attention is paid to the implementation of this procedure.

The nuances of providing the mentioned service are discussed on a personal basis – by direct coordination of details between the customer and the window cleaning company

Where is the best place to get window cleaning?

To get a quality service, it is advisable to contact the leading cleaning companies. This approach will allow you to be confident in the reliability of the services provided at quite adequate financial costs. Cleaners have the necessary equipment for cleaning panoramic windows, so using their services is the best solution.

Therefore, if you are interested in window cleaning, then contact the experts. They will complete your task in the shortest possible time, ensuring the perfect cleanliness of glass surfaces in accordance with generally accepted standards.