Need to Send SMS from Google Spreadsheet – It is Made So Easy Now


Customer details including name, phone numbers, and email ids are so important for any of the businesses and service providers. Google spreadsheet and excel software are the commonly used platforms to save customer details by most of the businesses due to the convenience and basketful of automated functions. Instant and consistent communication is so important to increase the rate of customer retention since it is said that bringing back the existing customer is more important than inviting the new customers. Here comes the importance of bulk SMS sending services.

SMS sending made so easy now

SMS sending is over there for years and now the method of the process has entirely changed with the advancement in technologies. It is made free from different step by step process that takes more time and effort. Reputed SMS sending platforms of the country have minimized the steps. Now you can send bulk sms from google spreadsheet straightforwardly without going to the panel. This made the process so easy and attracts more and more businesses and service providers towards SMS sending services irrespective of their size.

Get an own portal

Now you have the golden opportunity to own an SMS sending portal at surprising packages. There is no more need to depend on third parties for SMS sending. The well-developed portal with user-friendly features makes it so easy for anyone with basic computer knowledge to manage and send SMS within in few minutes from spreadsheet or excel sheet. The companies have developed easy to integrate plugins that help you send SMS without installing any new software or making any changes in the configuration of the computer.

Instant delivery

If you have decided to make use of the bulk SMS services to deliver great customer experience with instant and consistent communication, then it is important to get the service from a reputed service provider. Fast delivery of SMS is so important since you need to reach the targeted customers before the competitors. There are reputed SMS sending companies with a capacity of delivering 1 billion plus SMS every month. You can send single to several messages from excel sheet at one go and it will be instantly delivered to customers.

Detailed reports

Reports are so important for every business to evaluate the success of SMS sending campaign. The portal gives detailed reports of each and every SMS sent and delivered to the customers. The reports include SMS sent date and time, delivered date and time, undelivered numbers and more. This helps you make necessary updates in the contact list and to keep it always updated and to evaluate the success. There is no doubt that bulk SMS sending is one of the most effective and economical ways to market the products and services to the targeted group of customers without spending a lot of amounts.

Now, you can send sms from excel software free to check the quality and speed of the portal before you purchase the original pack. Never miss any of the customers. Keep them informed about new products, offers, discount coupons, festive sales, and everything to increase the volume of businesses.