MARY LAURENT releases new lookbook – Yarnsvine by Ayo Mary Laurent


International clothing and accessory designer MARY LAURENT has launched a new Spring/Summer lookbook inspired by Yarnsvine. Yarnsvine, not for the widely known vegan lifestyle of the creative director, but also for her creative likeness of nature’s fibre- wool and crochetry.

Crochet has been popular for years, but it’s not just for your grandmother anymore! Crochet has seen an insurgence in the last decade and sites like Pinterest are filled with a variety of crochet crafts. Intended to capture “the moment, the new collection embodies chiffon, pleat style,  with a colour palette of whites and creams and nudes, and uses crotchet art and yarn crafts to create a modern effect.

Launched by Ayo Mary Laurent, an unassuming, exceptionally talented young designer whose achievements surpass her age, the Nigerian royal princess could boast of collections which are known for their minimalism and precision, with much of the detail executed using pure needle-work and you can now explore their fabulous collections for this season.

Label Mary Laurent is a wave of fresh breeze in the world of fashion and is drawing attention to itself with its creativity, originality and distinctive liveliness. The dream of a London-based fashion designer and a Nigerian royal princess is a fusion of elegance and luxury.The Mary Laurent collection is a blend of sophisticated and culture-inspired hand crafted pieces including stunning and beautiful foot wear, women hand bags and menswear.

The label represents glamour and style in its all forms. The huge global following of Mary Laurent is a testimony to the success of the designer and the brand. Ayo Mary Laurent has already earned an unmatchable fame with its exclusive line of products feasible for casual outings as well as magical Hollywood premieres.

Mary never had to look too far for fashion inspiration as she inherited the inborn fabric and design sense from her family that has been in the clothing industry for many years. Ayo Mary Laurent gives the credit of launch of ML, a signature brand, to her background which massively contributed to and shaped her fashion sense.

Mary Laurent – House of Wealth with its vendors in Nigeria, London, Asia, USA and Paris has been fulfilling their promise of delivering impeccable fashion accessories worldwide. The huge global following of Mary Laurent is a testimony to the success of the designer and the brand. She has also launched her own Designer app on Google Play which inspires and entices designers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Just like the fashion line and website, this designer app caters the styles of both women and men. Mary Laurent’s designer app has it all for you! The designer app allows customers to view the collection and shop whatever they like by using their smartphones. The new app is sleekly designed and allows easy navigation of the clothes, accessories and shoes. It is also fully responsive and the overall design of the app makes shopping more fun. As a brand, Mary Laurent has without a doubt exceeded the expectations of fashion enthusiasts by giving them a superb line of products. Whether its handbags, dresses or footwear, everything can be found on the designer app.