20 Most Attracted Destinations to Visit in Australia


Australia, the land called, due to its geographical position, Down Under is a concentrate of wonders, fantastic landscapes, amazing marine fauna and a captivating beauty. Thanks to the abundance of its natural resources, Australia is a prosperous continent and this manifests itself not only with the high quality of life, but also with the increasing number of visitors, and not only for tourism, but also for a stay longer. We are discussing the best destination for your next vacation with this short summary of the best most attracted destinations to visit in Australia.

1- Most Popular Places in Sydney

The name of Sydney immediately suggests the iconic image of the Opera House, a romantic sunset on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, or the glass skyscrapers that rise majestically on the seafront. Here are some suggestions for you to listen to:

1- Sydney Harbor

Take a stroll through Sydney Harbor, a ferry ride or a pleasant mini cruise through one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbors. Climb up the famous Steel Bridge or simply enjoy the view of the city’s historic sites.

2- Cape Solander

Cape Solander is the ideal destination for whale watching enthusiasts: it is so famous because the whales often approach it at less than two hundred meters from the coast!

3- Inner Sydney

Downtown Sydney is a delightful place, filled with designer shops, trendy cafes, flea markets, bizarre art galleries and festivals. We advise you to visit it during the famous Mardi Gras Parade, the Carnival Mardi Gras parade.

4- Sydney Opera House

It is probably the most iconic building in the whole city; The Sydney Opera House, designed by Frank Gehry, is a real must. Go and enjoy one of its spectacular musical shows, ranging from opera to contemporary dance performances.

5- Bondi Beach

This world famous beach certainly does not need any introduction. Relax on its fine sand and take the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling, surfing or other fun activities!

2- Melbourne’s Most Visited places

The refined city of Melbourne is considered the unofficial capital of Australia for all that has to do with shopping and culture. If you are looking for a large cosmopolitan city with strong liberal traditions, then this is the place for you.

1- Rooftops

Sip your favorite cocktail on the roof of some skyscraper, listen to the ever-moving sound of the city and relax while watching a wonderful sunset over Melbourne.

2- Hidden Laneways

You never know in advance what awaits you if you visit the hidden laneways, the streets that characterize Melbourne and that are just outside the city center. Wander through these hidden streets and immerse yourself in their unique atmosphere, listening to the performances of the buskers, eating on the fly in some local screaming or immortalizing the many street art works that decorate them. Some of these stalls are dedicated to famous rock’n’roll artists, others are more oriented towards culture and ethnic food.

3- Yara River Cruise

Book a cruise on the Yara River to visit the city better and learn its history. And when you’re there, visit Birrarung Marr Park to see and learn more about this river’s links with Aboriginal people.

4- Cricket Game

Go and see a cricket match in the renowned MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), or enjoy a tennis match right in front of you in Melbourne Park.

5- Queen Victoria Market

This historic site of the city, Queen Victoria Market, offers its fresh products since the 19th century. Nowadays, as well as fruit, vegetables and meat, you can also buy original souvenirs, which will always remind you of your visit to the city.

3- Perth’s best places for Visitors

Perth, the sun-kissed city on the east coast of Australia, boasts pristine spas, a relaxed atmosphere and a captivating lifestyle, as well as the climatic advantages of its geographical location. Perth is close to Bali, the Bush, the immense Australian prairie and right by the ocean. But these are not the only reasons to visit it.

1- Rottnest Island

The locals simply call it Rotto and it’s a real retreat where cars are not allowed. Reach this idyllic island by ferry and spend your day at one of its 63 beaches. Snorkel on the coral reef or explore one of the island’s 20 bays. Bicycles are the best way to get around, but there is also a regular bus service.

2- The Twilight Hawkers Market

This ancient street food market is the perfect place for Perth’s citizens and tourists to sample delicacies from around the world. It is particularly popular on Friday after work, as an occasion for an aperitif, a light dinner or to listen to live music.

3- Cartref Park Country Gardens

Dive into these gardens born from the original prairie of the place, walks surrounded by lavender, and breathe the fresh air flavored by the scents of fresh citrus. All this you will find in the Carter Park Country Gardens, near the city, where you can also admire the unusual flora and fauna typical of this land.

4- Most Attracted Places to Visit Brisbane

With its legendary weather and its warm sea, the capital of Queensland, the state of the sun, attracts devotees of the heat throughout the year. It is a city rich in contrasts, Brisbane and will make you fall in love with its lush gardens, its choice of places to eat and drink fine wine, and its turquoise sea populated with dolphins. But if you want to change scenery, in the outskirts of the city you can immerse yourself in its expanses of vineyards as far as the eye can see.

1- Koala Sanctuary

We are really crazy about the happy koalas living in Lone Pine, the first and biggest koala sanctuary, located a few miles from Brisbane! You can hug and pamper these hairy little animals or even give them food as if they were babies! In addition, there are so many other species of wild animals that the park is a real must for wildlife lovers. Reserve at least one day of your holiday for an excursion to Lone Pine, and you will not regret it!
2- Night-kayaking on Moreton Island

For a different experience, book a kayak night trip on the third largest sand island in the world, with its wonderful beaches. The kayaks have a transparent bottom and glow at night, attracting all the rich underwater population, not only the fish, but also dugong and turtles. Your guides will also take you to visit the wrecks of the wrecked ships in Tangalooma.

3- Sunrise from Mount Coot-tha

Even if you are not usually an early riser, we suggest you get up, smile and enjoy the wonderful sunrise from the top of the most famous mountain in the city: climb to the top of Mount Coot-tha before dawn, sit on a towel and enjoy the sun rising on Brisbane!

4- Cairns

Far, far away, at the far northeastern tip of the Australian continent lies Cairns, the city where the rain forest, along with the coral reefs influence the lifestyle and carry thousands of tourists. Cairns in the past was a very characteristic city, but due to the number of visitors, it lost a lot of the atmosphere of the old port city. There are no beaches in Cairns, but there is the nearby Esplanade Lagoon, with a strongly tropical feel.

5- The Great Barrier Reef

The breathtaking Great Barrier Reef is a truly fascinating World Heritage Site and, in many cases, is the number one reason why so many tourists come to Cairns. You can book tours for one or more days and spend the night on the deck of a ship. There is no other way to be closer to the coral reef!

6- Kuranda Railway Trip

Separate yourself for a moment from snorkeling and sunbathing, to enjoy the thrill of a rain forest hike in northern Queensland. Take a tour of the historic Kuranda Railway and the Rain forest Cable way. You will have the chance to cross fairy tale scenery, with wild nature at your fingertips, to take scenic walks around the rain forest village of Kuranda and to visit the cultural park dedicated to the aborigines.

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