Malayalam Movies of the Last Decade to Add on Your Streaming List


The Malayalam movie industry has seen a wave of change at the beginning of this decade. This led to a total change in the way the movies are being made. However, there are some movies from the previous decades which are still worth to fit in your streaming list.

Gone are the days when Malayalam movie lovers often complained of movies being over the top. Now movies come in a range of beautiful and realistic scenes where actors perfectly embracing personalities in real life. You can look for Malayalam movie news latest and here is a list of amazing movies released after 2010 which will make you sit by the edge of the seat.

  1. Urumi (Sword) (2011)

This historical epic scrip traces back to the 16th century. The script criticizes globalization and the past few centuries colonization. While criticizing the vices in the society, the movie focuses on the displacement of the indigenous people and depicts the cruelty of the explorers. Contrary to the current era where corporations represent the explorers engaging in the same exploitations to the locals, the movie is a social commentary hidden behind beautiful sceneries and a recreation of history.

2. Bangalore Days (2014)

This is a heartwarming movie telling the story of three cousins. The story tells the bonds between them and the balance between their contrasting characters. With their all-wonderful individual love stories, Bangalore Days is a case study of relationships and bonds. Arjun’s love for Sarah is equally as Das with his wife Divya. The sweetness of the story is the prevailing theme of love and brotherhood that prevails between the cousins and survives through all obstacles.

3. Kammattipadam (Blood and Fire) (2016)

Kammattipadam is a daring, honest, brutal and emotional. A gangster tale with a touch of stellar acting. The movie focuses on modern urbanization that took place at the expense of Dalits. Kammattipadam beautifully shatters and tackles caste, color, and stereotypes in an eye-opening way. The tale will open your eyes and enlighten you of its main themes, human desires, and ambitions.

4. Trivandrum (Lodge) (2015)

Trivandrum Lodge is comprised of interesting residential houses. The lives of these residents are explored by this movie which tackles love, ambition, lust, pain, desires, and sexuality. The characters and relationships making this movie guarantee a must-watch movie of the decade.

5. Female Kottayam

A tale that defies notions and beliefs on women’s sexuality. The movie depicts and enlightens on female sexual harassment. This is a story of how a woman is betrayed and her fighting back to take a stand against being taken advantage of. The angry female goes to lengths on the verge of revenge. She is ruthless in her search for justice and keeps an eye on her root purpose.

6. Angamaly Diaries (2017)

The storyline starts with a small boy with a mentor who is a feared thug. This depiction showcases the modern era boys who are seduced by violence and crime with the hope of getting a better life. Angamaly Diaries, a gangster movie does not care for style and ethics since it is brutal honesty. However, it is a must-watch since the legendary and the illegal territories are eventually brought down to shame.

Drishyam (2013)

A man would do anything to protect his family. Drishyam follows this line by showing a father who is facing extraordinary situations to protect his daughter’s dignity. This cast goes an extra step to show the lines a father can cross to fight for his daughter. An emotional touch backs up the thriller tale that will keep you gripped and anxious for all your family.

8. Adamite Makan Abu (2011)

A beautiful movie about an old Muslim couple in their 70’s yearning to go to Mecca for their pilgrimage. The story narrates the couples’ life and challenges in yearning for their wish. While the relationship between the beautiful couple will touch you, the selfless determination of the people in their surroundings who do every single deed to ensure the couples dream come to reality despite their denominations and beliefs.

9. Premam (Love) (2015)

Premam is aimed at showing the beauty in simplicity. George, a man who falls in love three times is the main character in this painstakingly beautiful movie. The tales of George’s life from high school to adulthood are authentic. While watching, you will find yourself in George’s shoes and feel his emotions. In the imaginations, you will fall in love with Malar, the teacher who will eventually leave you heartbroken. The movie is equine, profound, and full of emotions.

Whether you understand the language or not- you can understand every scene through actors’ facial expressions and with the help of subtitles. These movies are a must-watch since they depict real human life in the modern era. The emotions from these Malayalam movies will make you fall in love with the movies. If u are movieholic and love to explore more updates on the latest movies and entertainment then you must check where you get lots of new updates on upcoming movies, music, gaming, and many more.