Women have used this drug very effectively to their benefit and found it to be the most useful for achieving a toned look. It has to be noted that they need not consume winstrol more than 10 mg a day and usually it is consumed before or with food, and plenty water intake has be ensured. A cycle of four weeks works best for women and it can be alternated after every two days with the 10mg dosage level and the results depend on your stack.

For men the dosage level is a little higher compared to women and they have to have a cycle of six to eight weeks to get good results more than this would lead to liver damage and other health risks. The maximum dosage level of 50mg per day would suffice the needs of bodybuilding. Sportsmen at competitive levels may double the dose to 100mg but this practice should not be more than two weeks at a stretch.

Women are required to take a lesser quantity because it can lead to androgenic or masculine characteristics on the body. The results of winstrol depend on your stack.

Every anabolic steroid has side effects; these can be lowered by good exercise and to have a good expert to guide you. If not you will have a great body outside but failing organs outside which won’t help you show off your great body for long

The toxicity of this steroid or any medication can harm the liver, but since all this is done assuming under professional supervision there is no need to be afraid, because alcohol and tobacco have caused much more harm to the liver than the consumption of Winstrol.

The drug can be taken in a variety of combinations with other steroids or supplements during the cutting cycle and it can be taken in oral or injectable form. It also makes interesting combos with other steroids. The cycles of winstrol which can tabulate differently for different persons according to their needs and body conditions under the guidance of professionals?

Half cycles of stanozolol

The half cycle of this drug is to known to us because, before a test or when you want to completely wean off or know when to start a new cycle and when the drug effect is wearing off. Hence the results have shown when consumed orally the active life will be of 8 to 9 hours and injectable stanozolol will have 36 to 48 hours and you will have half lives of 4 to 5 hours and 16 to 24 hours there on.

This steroid gets even better with other steroids and this process of taking a combo of supplements is called stacking. Stanozolol is better stacked with Anavar, HGH, and Trenbolone and of course testosterone. All these work well for the kind of body that you would be working out for.

Since prescription from a qualified doctor is hard to get and to get the right stuff without being duped is hard job. Here the online market has blossomed into full fledged outlets to sell steroids online which are discreet enough.