KMC banned plastic usage in kolkata


Today KMC banned plastic usage in Kolkata and distributed jute bags to traders in Ramlal Bazar in Kasba and asked traders to switch to jute bags or use plastic bags above 75 micron. 
Kolkata, which is the capital of West Bengal state, has taken a decision to ban the use of single-use thin plastic below 75 microns. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation came to Kasba and distributed jute bags in Ramlal Bazar in Kasba and urged all distributors to use jute bags instead of plastic ones.
The plastic bags blocked the drainage and also polluted the environment. Plastic bags are totally unhygienic. It also affects dangerous pollution because of the sea beds resulting in an increase of sea surface temperature. This is also the reason for extreme weather changes.
The Municipal Corporation told traders plastic bags should be at least 75 microns thick and that thin plastic bags would be commander. Violators should also be fined. 

The ban on plastic was implemented on 1 October, 2021 in the country. The authorities are working on this now. Naba Dutta, the general secretary of Sbuj Manch, an organisation for environmental groups, said compulsion alone may not be efficacious. In the market we are already distributing jute and cloth bags but people are still using plastic. Unless the plastic bags are not good sources at manufacturing units, the ban will not be of any use. We already announced in the market areas to stop using plastic carry bags and to use bags above 75 micron thickness instead. We also said the manufacturers not to make single plastic bags. No desultoriness will be permissible and any violation will be penalised. An environment department officer said.