Key Benefits of Having Little Filtered Cigars


Filtered cigars are a variety type of is very popular among the cigarette smokers. Many filtered cigars with a variety of flavors are now available in the market. So before you use filtered cigars lets understand how they’re made, how they use, what all are its characteristics and which are the most popular brands of it.

A cigar

Rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made made for smoking is called cigars. It is grown in Central America and the Caribbean islands mainly in countries like Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, and Puerto Rico etc. it is also produced in the Eastern United States, Italy , the Canary Islands of Spain,Indonesia and the Philippines of Southeast Asia. They are produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

What Are Filtered Cigars?

Filtered cigars are the smaller versions of the traditional cigars. These are also made of the same tobacco leaf used to make traditional cigars, which is harvested from wood. It protects the lip of the user from the discoloration caused by smoking. It gives a very smooth taste and provides high quality smoke. Fermented or aged tobacco is used to make filtered cigars so that they can imbue various kinds of flavors.

Filtered cigars contain less amount of nicotine than the ordinary cigars .so they are nice among the smokers who are try to reduce the amount of nicotine inhaling. They are the cheapest form of cigars.

The Difference between Filtered Cigars and Ordinary Cigarettes

In first look Filtered cigars appear similar to that of ordinary cigerettes, but they had some important difference. The main difference is that filtered cigars are wrapped in tobacco leaf that could be the same as the leaf inside the roll while the ordinary cigarettes are wrapped in paper. Fermented and aged tobacco leaves are used in filtered cigars, while the tobacco leaves used in making cigarettes are not fermented and aged. The amounts of nicotine in filtered cigars are less than the ordinary cigarettes. Most filtered cigars cost less than traditional cigars which helps to save money. Filtered cigars have many flavors than the ordinary one. They are smaller than ordinary cigerrates .so it is very easy to carry. The smoker can enjoy or smoke the cigar much longer than smoke ordinary cigarette. So it takes a longer time to completely smoke a filtered cigar.

Famous Filtered Cigar Brands

Action cigars: It is a low priced product which offered three unique flavors, (light cigars, menthol cigars, or full-flavored cigars) and the customers can choose needed flavor.

Cheyenne cigars: It has a stronger flavor designed for season smokers. This cigars light easily. It has numerous flavor options like menthol, cherry, grape, berry, light etc.