Classification of Watches – Your Basic Guide!

Classification of Watches – Your Basic Guide!

Clocks and watches have existed in this world for so long. They have of course evolved with time. From telling the time to performing complex functions like GPS, being used as a stop watch and running apps, the watches have come a long way. In this article, we are discussing a few different classifications of watches and their utility. Now, there are a lot of different watches out there. We try to categorize the main types of watches which are used today to buy for personal use or as a corporate gift.

  Digital watch

Digital watches target kids, as their customer base. The watches provide an easy way to read time with a few essential functions which work well, even for adults. The digital watch has modernized according to the need of the present day scenario. In the early days, it used to be a preferred watch. It had different buttons which you can click to set and change the time. You can also set a one-time alarm in this watch. Some digital watches have stop watch inbuilt in them. The digital watches run for 2-3 years if the battery is good. They can go without changing the battery for about one year, without facing an issue.

  Analog watch

Analog watches will always be popular among an older generation who were used to this type of watch. An analog watch gives a professional look for the people and is generally worn by employees. There are different sober design options available in the analog watch and you can buy one that suits your personality. It tells the exact time and you do not have to rely on your phone for this purpose. Analog watches are also said to be better in precision that the digital watches. Even though smart watches are more in demand nowadays, the analog watches have a charm of their own that can not be denied.

  Analog & Digital watch

There are few watches which are quartz which include both the analog and digital time telling. Their dial tells the time both ways.

  Smart watch

The latest invention in the field of time is smart watch. Smart watch is named so because they act in sync with the smart phones and also work independently. This means you can connect your smart watch to your phone and perform several tasks with the watch, without even touching your phone. There are different types of smart watch. The smart watches can be expensive as compared to digital watches but then with so many functions who would mind spending extra cash on them.

According to the style, the watches can be categorized in the following way:

  Pilot Watch

These watches come from the aviation industry. Usually, the designer watches have large dials and are easy to read. These watches were developed explicitly for the pilots, so they can easily read the time.

  Dive watch

These watches, as their name suggest, are waterproof. They survive underwater because of their unique makeup. They have an inbuilt timer for the divers and swimmers. These are a popular watch type among the people who like to collect watches.

  Dress watch

The simple watches which have decent designs comes under the category of the dress watches. Many dive watches look like dress watches with a slight difference. Dress watches are usually worn on formal occasions, like parties or holidays. These are the watches with the most elegant designs.

  Field Watch

The watches with thick hands and sturdy make are called the field watches. Designed while keeping in mind the military officials, these are rough and tough watches. These look good on the hands of men, and the young generation is attracted to buy these watches.

  Day & Night watch

These are unique watches that show when it is day and when it is the night. These watches also show the date along with showing the day and night. They may sound complex but are not. However, these days, not a lot of people buy them

There are several other ways and categories in which the watches can be classified, but the above two are the main categories in which the watches can be divided easily. There is a third way in which the watches can be classified, and that is by price range; it includes the basic range which is the minimum cost of watches, the mid-level range which is good for middle-class people and the luxury range of watches.