Israel Share Video Of Children kidnapped By Hamas Force


The world watches in panic as the disastrous dispute between Israel and Gaza continues to expand. With each decease day, it seems as though the violence and brutality only build up, leaving countless innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. And now, as if things couldn’t get any poor, a heart-wrenching video has appeared that sheds light on the impossible ploy being used by Hamas in their fight against Israel.

The video, streamed live by Hamas, shows a gunman holding an Israeli family hostage. The man bleeds amply from his leg, while his wife holds their young daughter in her lap, dangerously trying to shield her from the horrors unfolding around them. Two other children sit on either side of the couple, their faces twisted in fear and confusion. One little girl sobs uncontrollably, trying to keep from hilarious as she bears witness to the terror that surrounds her.

Talk to your country that we are here and we are strong. Against the challenges we face, we will not be broken. Our spirit cannot be shattered. Our resilience is unwavering. We will stand together in solidarity against those who wish to do us hurt. 

The current attack on the kibbutz of Nahal Oz was an example of this. Hamas operatives sought to instill fear and terror in our hearts. But we will not cower. We will not give in to their violence.

The Hamas operative’s  ask the man for an identity card. The explained to the Hamas operative that his identify card  was in his bag. He began to reach for his bag, but a sharp pain shot up his leg. He glanced down and saw a profusely bleeding wound on his leg.

One of the hostage-takers quickly noticed the man’s wound and quicked over to help him up. The man winced in pain as he struggled to stand on his own two feet. The hostage-taker put an arm around his waist and offered him support.

The gunmen burst into the house, their guns qualified on the couple and their son. The family huddled together in fear, their hearts pounding with terror and other people in the neighbourhood left their houses. 

Hamas was holding over 150 innocent people hostage, and their demands were both cruel and irrational. If Israel so much as dropped a single bomb on a civilian home in the Gaza Strip, one hostage would be died as punishment.

The situation in Gaza had gone from bad to poor, with Hamas issuing a chilling warning to Israel. It all started when Israel ordered a siege of the strip, effectively cutting off all basic necessities. Gaza was now plunged into darkness, with no electricity, and there was no water for drinking or sanitation. Food and fuel were scarce, and people were dangersouly. The densely populated territory, which is home to 2.3 million people. 

Amidst the relentless bombings and violence that have plagued the Gaza strip, the Israeli government has strictly held its ground in its military offensive against Hamas. The world was stunned when Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the press and boldly proclaimed that his country’s actions against Hamas were just the starting of a sustained war. Many countries questioned the validity of such a statement, but for the Israeli Prime Minister, this was the truth that needed to be said.

Netanyahu compared Hamas to ISIS, drawing the same level of brutality and terrorism as the latter. He emphatic the importance of crushing the group before it was too late, stating that Israel was ready for whatever was essential to destroy Hamas from the region.

But what was most surprising was the Prime Minister’s deceleration that his country’s actions were not just limited to beat Hamas but would “change the Middle East” as well.

the Hamas terrorists binding, burning, and executing innocent children. It was an act of utter savagery that left me with a sense of deep anger and sadness.

Mr. Netanyahu’s statement echoed my sentiments entirely. Hamas truly is no different than ISIS, as both engage in heinous acts of terror that threaten the lives of innocent civilians.

The Israeli Defense Minister’s announcement only reinforce my belief that we cannot sit idly by while such atrocities continue to occur. We must stand firm and take action against those who seek to harm us and our communities.

As Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant looked out at the troops stationed along the Gaza border, his expression was set in a firm, fixed gaze. His words were measured, but their intent was clear.

“We have released all restraints,” he said, his voice ringing out over the gathering of soldiers. “Gaza will never go back to what it was.”

The Times of Israel quoted the minister as saying, “Hamas wanted a change in Gaza; it will change 180 degrees from what it thought.” Little did they know that this change was brought about by a higher force, one that was filled with compassion, empathy, and a burning want to see every human thrive.

Mr. Gallant’s eyes were fixed with a steely determination, a promise of requite that would be fulfilled no matter what. He spoke with an unshakeable opinion that left no room for doubt.

“They will grief this moment, Gaza will never go back to what it was,” he said, his voice filled with the rage of a thousand men. “We will not stand idly by and watch as innocent lives are taken. Israel will eliminate whoever comes to decapitate, murder women, Holocaust survivors.”

The world was left in bump as news spread about the deadliest clash in decades, which had already claimed over 3,000 lives. Hamas, the militant group in control of the Gaza Strip, had lofted a ruthless attack on Israel, using an array of guns that included over 5,000 rockets. For years to come, the people of Israel would remember that dangerous Saturday when their country came under attack from air, land, and sea.