Introducing Infinite Scroll – The Newest Edition to Magento 2 Extension List


Imagine a situation: You are browsing an eCommerce site looking at apparels, and when you scroll at the list of all the items, the page keeps on loading infinitely. In your frustration, you end up closing that website and browse another one to get the product as per your needs. Have you faced a similar situation in your business? How many times have visitors closed down your website in a couple of seconds simply because they faced infinite loading time to scroll time? We can understand your situation and are here to provide you with a solution to resolve this concern.

Now, if you have created an eCommerce store using Magento 2, chances are, you will never have to face this predicament ever. You might question how? Let’s explore the answer. With the advancement of technology, we have seen many new extensions being developed that have tried to ease off the burden of the store owners. And this particular situation depends on an extension that could scroll your products without any load time. This thing is possible with the help of Infinite Scroll Magento 2 extension.

So, what exactly is this Magento 2 extension all about? Let’s try and find out the answer.

It is the newest edition to the Magento extension list, which provides infinite scrolling. With the help of this ingenious extension, whenever a customer automatically loads products on the catalog page, as a store owner, you have the option to either set products to load with the help of a manual button or make it load automatically. The great benefit of Infinite Scroll extension is it has the support of AJAX scroll and other notable plugins.

This product has been designed and developed to load the next page of the website instantly. With its help, your visitors can shift to the following webpage quicker than ever before. Just imagine if a visitor is browsing any page of the website, the next page gets loaded automatically, thanks to AJAX. How wonderful is that? Another great thing is, it comes with fantastic flexibility that makes it integrated with every custom Magento theme. 

It provides first-class user experience with the help of a classic user interface that saves not only clicks but also time. This extension is definitely going to impress your visitors with the help of its supportive navigation and excellent performance that comes by using the Magento 2 web store. 

The Ajax Scroll feature present in this extension works wonderfully well by providing options like load more button, back to top button and lazy image loading. It is easy for the store admin to customize the load more button according to their wish. It also integrates with the back to top button. The fantastic thing is that it consists of Lazy Image Loader – a feature that loads images only when the visitors scroll down. This extension works great on the search results page.

It is possible for you, the store owner, to control the number of pages that you wish to load automatically when the customers scroll. This is an essential feature as it ensures that your visitors do not lose out on patience while visiting your store. It also provides super effortless and fast to upload GIF from local devices and upload to the backend configuration.

The “Lazy Load” feature reduces the loading time by “preparing” for the right time and show you the products when you scroll down at the bottom of the page.

Let’s now look at the wonderful features of Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension.

  1. Addition of the “Load previous” button;
  2. Incorporation of the “Back to top” button;
  3. Customize the “Loading” icon to fit in your store concept;
  4. Customize the “Load more” button and “Back to top” button;
  5. Freedom to select the categories to enable the extension;
  6. Freedom to change the color of the button to synchronize it with the concept of your store;
  7. Syncs well with the Category page and Search Results page.

Here’s how this extension can have a positive effect on your store.

Create an Ever-Lasting Impression of a User-Friendly Website

Reputed organizations like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all have a user-friendly scrolling option to keep their users engaged on their webpages. This makes it all the more critical for you to have a user-friendly site. By utilizing the scrolling option in a better way, you can enhance the experience of the users, which can make them explore more content on your website.

Have a Drastic Improvement in your Conversion Rate and Enhance Your Customer Value

Provide a “wow” feeling to your visitors by giving them a smooth browsing experience. Make them submerge in the sea of scintillating products. Simply use this extension and make their scrolling experience go to the top!

Get Infinite Scroll Extension for your Magento 2 Store Today!

You simply need to make a small investment by purchasing this ingenious extension for your Magento 2 store. Act today and reap in the benefits of creating an edge-of-the-seat browsing experience for your users while viewing your product list. So, what are you waiting for? Act now!