How to Buy Fishing Downrigger Weights Online the Best


Although built basically for commercial fishing, downrigger weights are now used by lots of people on a non-commercial scale.

Lots of people that fish in deep lakes now make use of downrigger weights in getting their bait for catching fish into the water. Downrigger weights can be used for fishing at various times of the year. They, however, are most suitable during summer.

Downriggers are more suitable in summer because when its summer, the water gets warm closer to the surface. Due to this, most fishes go deeper into the water in search of cooler water and the only way to get a bait to the point they are is to make use of devices that can take baits deep into the water.

If you must get to the point where fishes are when fishing in summer, you will need to work with a downrigger weight. In addition to just working with a downrigger weight, you should make use of the right downrigger size as this will go a long way in helping you.

When purchasing a downrigger weight, there are certain things you should consider before doing so. Putting these things into consideration will help you make the right choice.

Below are certain factors that will help you get the right downrigger weight from


All things being equal, there are two basic downrigger weight designs. They are manual and electric models. If you are looking to get a portable downrigger weight, you should consider getting a manual model as you will not be in need of an electrical source of energy.

While manual models are portable, they come with a major downside. This downside is you have to increase the heat manually and this can make you tired

The electric model, on the other hand, does not require you to put in so much effort in increasing the heat. When you make use of an electric model, you will need a cabling system and a source of energy for it to work. Also, you will spend more than you would spend when making use of the manual model. This will increase the cost of purchase, as well as the cost of maintenance.

The facility where it will be used

The facility where a downrigger weight will be used has to be considered before you buy one. Some downrigger weight models work in certain facilities. Due to this, you will need to carry out your research and buy a downrigger model that is compatible with the facility it will be used in.


You should always have durability on your mind when purchasing a downrigger weight. This is one way to get good value for whatever amount you spend in buying a downrigger.

Downriggers are made with different materials and of these materials, there are those that have a reputation for being more durable than others.

When looking to get a downrigger weight that will last a long time, you should make your bands with the use of polymer and aluminum.


When buying a downrigger weight, you do not buy one because you want to go through an extra level of stress. A downrigger weight is supposed to make your job less stressful.

Going by this, when you are looking to purchase a downrigger weight, you should buy one that makes fishing a lot more convenient.

If convenience is anything to go buy, you will do better by choosing an electric model over a manual model. Although you will spend more by making use of an electric model, you will get a much better level of comfort.

Best Downrigger Weights

It is not enough to know the features to look out for when buying downrigger weights. It is important to know what the best available downrigger weights are.

That being said, below are some of the best downrigger weights in the market.

4013450 Danielson Steel PVC Coated Downrigger Weight- LBs

This downrigger weight is PVC coated and it is designed by Danielson Steel. It is a tool that virtually everyone that fishes can take advantage of and can be counted on the make your experience while fishing a great one.

When you purchase this downrigger weight, you do not have to worry about purchasing a new downrigger weight for a long time as it has a reputation for being durable. It is also very affordable.

Yeck DOWNRIGGER Black 6#

From its name, it’s easy to deduce that this downrigger weight is black in color. It is considered a lower performance weight. Also, it comes with a keel that goes a long way in making sure there is precise monitoring and the cords do not get twisted.

The design of the Yeck downrigger black 6# is one that has quality as its watchword. And features a key that makes it easy to monitor its performance when it is underwater.

The black color of this weight is a lead coating and it is a major factor for its durability

The Tackle Room Downrigger Weights

The Tackle room downrigger weight is great for deeper dredging, It is covered with rough brass eyelashes on its back and on its top.

If you are interested in making use of this downrigger weight, you are free to make a choice between various sizes. The available sizes are b6. 8. And 10 lbs.

This downrigger weights come with fins that dig into the water, thereby, helping in the maintenance of dragging. They can also be regarded as an upgraded form of traditional ball lowering.

Marine Coated Downrigger Canon Ball Weight with Fin 8 Lb.

Featured by Marine coated downrigger Canon Weight Ball lb. is a key that prevents cable torsion and ensures good tracking. This device is coated with vinyl and can be gotten for a good price.

When you make use of Marine coated downrigger canon ball weight with fin 8 lb., you can be certain of getting to the right depth when fishing without necessarily getting to the bottom of the water.