Indian Wedding: Cuisines The Soul of Ceremony


Indian weddings have most social, religious and ritualistic and traditional aspects. Apart from the luxurious celebration, decoration including wedding card, marriage hall, Indian weddings are known for the delicious food. in these events people show their love and concern to their guests by serving the food. as an old saying “food has the direct way to the heart, if food is tempting and delicious, you will be able to meet one’s heart and soul.” And one another, Indians respect their invitees as God, as the traditional preaching from Puranas “Atithi Devo Bhavah”.


In India, every celebration is celebrated, with the sweetness of sugar and richness of butter, when it came to Indian Wedding ceremonies the food is more rich, extra sugary, delicious and tempting as well. Serving food with tons of love is the way of showing joy, happiness or this practice enhance the taste of food as well.

In weddings, the cuisine is served according to the regional traditions. Every region has its specialty in food. the food served in Indian weddings, are depending upon which state you belongs to like Punjab, Karnataka, West Bengal, Rajasthan, food will be served accordingly.

Indian wedding is definitely a time to show off, and what’s more beautiful then showing off traditional lavish dishes rich in cream, nuts, paneer & sugar.

In north India, Food is followed by the snacks, drinks, desserts and main course. The regional foods like chats, dal bati, barfi, paneer saag, Mughlai curry’s and variety of rice including halwa are served. Halwa is prominent in the menu, every thali is incomplete without moong badam halwa, it is a most expensive dish, instead of this in winters gajar halwa, garnished with dry fruits, is also served.

In the south, marriage rituals take place in the morning, during that time natural drinks like nibu pani, juices have been served. After the wedding rituals, bride & groom declared as man and wife. In south food is served in the simple and natural pattern, you need to sit down and the food will be served on banana leaf. After completing the meal guests bless the wedded couple.

In east including Bengal and Bihar, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian type of cuisines are served. The main emphasis is on sweets as well as main course. Rice and fish are considered as auspicious food and compulsory served.

In west, Maharashtrian food is served on fresh banana leaves and purely vegetarian food excluding onion, garlic is cooked. Guests will sit on chatai and dhurries. In Gujarati weddings, food is followed by snacks, main course and desserts in the end.

In north eastern weddings, the food is dominated by non-vegetarian dishes in which fish is must, some vegetarian dishes are also served in main course which features rice and bamboo shoots most, in place of juices and drinks, noodle soups are served.

Grab more and go crazy with the Indian wedding food, more buttery, extra sugary and more fatty as well.