Increase Your Sales with Free Business Profile Through Google My Business API


If you are a business owner and are planning to expand the sales of your business then crate a free profile of your business on Google my business API. This service is absolutely free and helps your business to be discovered by the customers who are in need of the services or products that you are offering.

How google my business api works?

Everyone who uses the internet knows that google is the world’s most common search engine. There are millions of searches conducted by people from around the world through this search engine giant every day. You can find information related to almost anything with just simply entering the words and hitting enter.

My business API by google creates the profile of your business on the internet. There are many people in your city or locality who search for business or services related to which they are offering. Therefore, making a business profile on the internet helps your business gets discovered by these potential customers. There are many things that you can add to your business profile like name, address, GPS location, etc. All these features help in discovering your business easily by your potential clients.

You can share much information such as photos, opening and closing hours, posts, etc related to your business to attract more customers to your business. You can also interact with your customers in the review section if they provide reviews related to your business or products.

Features of google my business api

There are many features that you will get by making your business profile on it. They are as follows:

  • Create free website

You can easily create your website with this service even if you don’t have any technical know-how. Once you visit this website and click on “start now” then it will guide you through the complete process of making your free business website. You can enter any sort of information related to your business and also can add pictures of your products also. Keep your information updated so that it can attract new customers.

  • Share posts

You can also share different posts featuring your products or the special offers that you are providing. Sharing posts more often will make your business visible to more of your potential customers or clients.

  • Business insights

There is also a feature called insights through which you can track important information about your business. You can track information like calls, the number of visits to your website, direction requests, etc through this feature. Through this service you can easily find all the statics related to your business and you can also find the fields in which your business is lacking or which needs to be improved.

For every person who is looking to grow their business and engage a large customer base this service by google is very helpful. If you are interested in this service then Click for Details where you will be redirected where you can get these services.