Change Your Life With The Best Smart Home & Devices


Want to upgrade your home? The best way is to convert your home into a smart home.

A smart home means that you can perform different tasks at your home automatically with the help of smart systems and smart devices. These devices will really feel you like you have stepped into the modern age. You can automatically do things like close your door, turn lights on and off, stream music, control indoor environment and temperature with just a single voice command or through remote control devices. These devices will not only make your life comfortable but also they will save your money and energy in different ways.

We have given a list of must-have smart home devices and systems below that can completely change your life. Take a look!

  • Nest Hello

While converting your home into a smart home, start from the front door of your house. The Nest Hello doorbell will completely change your concept about a typical doorbell. This doorbell can record videos and audios of people coming at your door with its high-quality camera and microphones. This device will replace your old fashioned wired doorbell with a new smart and a beautifully designed doorbell that will also notify you if some intrusion is detected at the place specified by you.

Not only that, but this masterpiece is also able to recognize faces and then announce their names to let you know who comes by your door. The 24/7 streaming feature will let you check it any time. You can communicate with the person at the door remotely through your smartphone and tell him to drop a parcel or something by the door.

  • Amazon Smart Plug

Have you ever heard of a smart plug? We bet you haven’t! With amazon smart plug you can automate any electrical appliance plugged in it. Now you can automatically control your devices remotely through your smartphone. Another great benefit of using amazon smart plug is that you can pair it with Alexa that is a smart home assistant. So next time you want to switch on or off any device you just need to give a single voice command through Alexa and it will do the job for you. So this easy to set up and Wi-Fi enabled device needs to replace all the typical old plugs in your home.

  • iRobot Roomba 690

The next must-have smart home device is a robot vacuum cleaner. It is the best gift you can give to your wife as this device can clean and mop your whole house with just a single command. You can have a clean and smart home with the smartest and one of the best robot vacuum cleaners available in the market. You can exactly tell the robot when, how and where to clean. The robot will leave no traces of dirt and dust and then when it is done cleaning, it empties out itself.

So now you do not need to dispose of all the dirt in a vacuum cleaner by yourself. This device is also a life savior if you got pets in your home. This is because these robot vacuum cleaners are specifically designed for houses with pets. Above all, the iRobot Roomba 690 is affordable as compared to others and delivers better performance.

  • Sensi White Rodgers thermostat

The next best thing you can have in your home, in order to regulate its temperature and environment, is to have a smart White Rodgers thermostat. This thermostat is loaded with a variety of amazing features. First of all, it is easy to set up. Then this device is Wi-Fi enabled that means that you can set up and control the device remotely through your smartphone. While you are away from home you can set the temperature from your mobile phone so that you can have a nice cozy environment every time you step into your home. Its mobile application is free of cost and is compatible with both the Android and iPhone operating systems. The thermostat has a full digital display and a user-friendly interface so that even a layman can adjust and set the device according to his desire. You can adjust the temperature for an entire week so if you want to go out for a week, the device will turn down and it will automatically set the desired temperature when you come back home and hence it can save cost up to $180.

  • Furbo Dog Camera

Your smart home is incomplete if you do not have any smart device for your pets. The most difficult thing is to leave your pets alone at home. But now, with Furbo Dog camera you do not need to be worried about leaving your pets alone at home. This camera device enables you to see, talk and treat your pets when you are not home. You can connect to this Wi-Fi enabled device from your smartphone mobile application. It gives the pet owners a peace of mind as they can easily play and talk to their dogs and even they can toss delightful treats for them. Another amazing feature of this device is that the sensors can detect if your dog is barking and then it sends you alert messages so that you can check if something’s wrong at home.