In-house or Outsourced SEO – Which One to Consider?


Internet marketing seems to grow day-by-day at a full pace. Simply having a website is not enough for a business. Your website must be visible or accessible to the Internet users. It must also appear in the search result the moment an Internet user enters the search term, which is related to your niche business. As there are many companies and websites selling products and services similar to yours, you need to do something, which helps you to gain more attention across the search engines. Most companies are incorporating search engine optimization into their marketing campaign. You may be confused whether you should outsource SEO or get your SEO done in-house. Indeed, both outsourcing SEO and in-house SEO have their pros and cons. A company must consider their advantages and disadvantages before coming to a final decision.

In-house SEO has Many Benefits

  • It is good to have an SEO expert always by your side, as he/she will know your business and proceed accordingly. The in-house expert will understand the nuances and challenges that your company is faced with. There is no need to approach an outsider to explain your needs.
  • You exercise a complete control over the SEO strategies you want to implement. If the expert is in-house for all 24 hours, you may contact the person whenever you want.
  • As the in-house SEO expert solely works on your site, he/she can fetch you better results. He will pay a complete attention to your site and will not work for others.
  • An In-house SEO expert may be less expensive.

The Cons of In-house SEO Expert

If you consider in-house SEO, the professionals need to be updated about the latest Google algorithms and norms that keep on changing all the time. The skills required for doing successful SEO also keep on changing. You need to arrange the resources and train your SEO experts from time-to-time. Your site ranking will be affected if you cannot ensure this. Outdated SEO practices cannot be used at any cost when the market is so competitive.

The Benefits of Outsourced SEO

  • A huge advantage of outsourcing SEO services is that you may gain access to the entire team of professional SEO experts. Their expertise and experience level can be capitalized on.
  • As they solely work on the SEO projects of different businesses, they will be updated about the latest SEO trends and practices.
  • SEO agencies offer services to different businesses; and thus, they have experience in it. If you are looking to outsource SEO, check out the official link
  • There is no need to spend money, time or effort for hiring in-house SEO experts.

The Cons of Outsourcing SEO Services

If you outsource SEO services, you may require investing more money. The company will also consume some time to know your business and to understand your needs, and objectives. Some agencies also use cheap SEO tools that work only in the short run.

So, you may either outsource SEO services or choose in-house SEO professionals after considering the pros and cons of both.