How to Improve Your Custom Writing


Of all the tasks students have to do, essay writing proves not only the most demanding but also the most recurrent. Given the contribution of essays in the overall grading of a student, there is no room for mediocre compositions.

However, with the overwhelming number of assignments handed to students, finding time to hone your essay writing skills may prove a tough task. To ensure that you manage your time well and acquire top grades, custom writing remains the go-to service.

If you are looking to get some cash writing for students, improving your custom writing skills is only necessary. Given that they are investing their hard earned money, giving them service worthy of their money is of a must.

However, with little details in the field, it may prove hard to improve your custom writing skills.  In this article, we discuss tips for better custom writing and reeling in a substantial amount of money from custom writing.

  1. Read other people’s work

To better your custom writing skills, studying relevant material not only familiarizes you with various styles but also better your language. Unlike books, people’s essays allow you to correct their errors and spot what they do differently thus enabling you to tackle articles better.

For a better perspective, use essays that relate to fields you frequently write about thus getting even more perspective. While at it, you may consider sampling out other fields to enrich your approach methods on various questions.

When scrutinizing essays, consider the elements that appeal to you and what you would probably change. In case there are comments, compare your findings and the comments to find your weaknesses.

When reading other people’s work, have a book by you to jot down new elements and remarks on the field. Afterward, read your recently written essays and find the areas that may be changed to conform to the newly acquired custom writing skills.

  1. Work towards improving your vocabulary

Proper grammar is part and parcel of the custom writing package. Apart from enabling you to base your arguments better, improving grammar acquaints you to terminologies you would use in various types of essay.

For better vocabulary, you should often read essays, novels and also engage in various exercises for bettering your grammar. When writing, use tools like grammar checker and word unscrambler thus noting your grammar mistakes and suitable synonyms for frequently used terminologies.

As you work towards better grammar, teach yourself to use short, concise sentences thus succeeding in custom essay writing.

  1. Learn the grading criteria

To improve your custom skills and earn your clients their spurs in school, you must be familiar with the grading criteria to know the do’s and don’ts of essay writing. To learn the grading criteria, engage in essay writing webinars and workshops and acquire more current skills in your field.

Alternatively, you can engage lecturers and other stakeholders in the field thus knowing what examiners look for in essays. By knowing what examiners are after, you are able to write engaging custom essays that will get the most marks for your clients.

  1. Improve your research and planning skills

For better flow and in-depth coverage of a topic covered with necessary facts, planning is of the essence in custom essay writing. As you engage other custom writers, enquire on their research skills and adopt more skills in your strategy.

As you research on a topic, note the keywords and niche words you can employ thus coming out authoritatively. If clients have the material they would recommend, make the most of the materials and add some details from other sites.

  1. Invest in editing your work

As good as you are at custom writing first drafts are never the award-winning content as many would prefer. To reduce the margin of error, proofread your work time and again without being lenient on your mistakes.

After the first edit, engage editors and grammar apps, therefore, tackling even the smallest mistakes. To better your skills, implement the revisions in your subsequent work, thus, realizing better quality in your work and getting a reputation.

  1. Avoid procrastination

Given that clients trust you with work to avoid surpassing deadlines, late submission is a grievous atrocity you should avoid. As soon as you land a contract, start on the job and submit the work as early as you can.

Good writing is not an in-born skill but the product of hard work and skills gained over time. To become a better custom writer, you are required to work on your skills frequently. By following the above tips, you not only increase your earnings but also submit work that earns you a reputation.