Importance Of the Right AI Strategy in the Organizations


What does AI do well?

A lot of us are now aware of the capability of AI solving the problems. It has given rise to self-driven cars. Identifying the signals and road signs, planning a route, identifying obstructions and so on is only possible through AI. AI holds the potentiality to break the big problem with a logical and innovative solution. AI is not replacing humans but on a mission to augment them. Of course, AI can handle all the monotonous tasks but it definitely can never replace humans. After all, humans are the creators of innovative machines. Nothing can replace them.

Are you ready for AI?

61% of all organizations see developing an AI strategy as an urgent need. Even professionals are getting ready for artificial intelligence. They have started looking for artificial intelligence certification to master the field so that they are able to apply the right strategy. The question is whether you are really ready for the AI strategy or not. Many a time, companies deploy AI strategy out of excitement but are not ready for it. There can be many reasons including data literacy or wrong hiring. If things are not planned accordingly, your AI strategy can lead to a great failure that can cause your business to suffer. Therefore, it is important to address the roadblocks before you think of implementing an AI strategy.

What to consider while fabricating an AI Strategy?

There are a lot of factors that you need to take into account while applying the AI strategy into your business. A majority of companies are adopting AI but not many of them the innovation strategy. Here’s what you need to consider-

 Capturing the right talent

To implement the strategy of AI, it is important to attract and capture the right talent. Attracting the right researchers, data scientists, and software engineers is a crucial part. While hiring, you consider two situations- whether to hire new individuals or train and develop the existing employees. Most of the companies prefer training the existing talent to build a solid team that can build the AI-enabled software.

 Maintaining Best Infrastructure

Don’t let old technology bring down your business. Replace it with new technologies that AI can be compatible with. This will make business operations smoother and will not let hold you back in this world of competition.

Acquiring relevant data

AI works when it feeds on data. What if the data is not relevant? To avoid the failures, it is vital for the organizations to generate data, interpret it and then make a sound judgment. It is crucial to ensure that the data sourced is valid. There should be proper identification of data sources, creation of data pipelines, and preparation of data.

Besides these factors, you also need to explore a plethora of business cases, balance priorities with culture, choose suitable technology, and secure leadership support. According to LinkedIn, Only 20% of AI skilled professionals are from Information and Technology services industry. Let’s now know the popular AI use cases- IT Automation (47%), Quality Control /Detecting Defects (46%), Cybersecurity (41%), Predictive Analytics (38%), Customer Services (37%), Risk Management (37%), Sales Optimization (34%), Decision Support (37%), Workforce Management (32%), Marketing Optimization (30%), Connected Equipment, Devices, Products (29%), Forecasting (29%), Tax, Audit and Compliance (23%).

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