How to Prepare for Spine Surgery


The stress involved in an injury or disease, the fast-approaching back surgery, and the process of recovery after surgery can have a crucial impact on the social, psychological, and physical state of a patient. Proper preparation can help avoid potential problems in these three areas.

You may be getting a surgery done in the best hospital for spine surgery in India, but you need to make some adequate preparations. Some of the preparations are:

Preparing the Home:

Those undergoing major back surgery like spinal fusion surgery, it is good to prepare the home to ease the transition from hospital to home. Here are some tips:

  • Install a toilet riser: This will help patients who have difficulty sitting and rising from the toilet seat.
  • Keep common objects within reach: Keep objects of frequent use at convenient, easy to reach places. For example, pans and dishes of daily use must be stored in easy to reach cabinets.
  • Arrange a grabber or Reacher: these are handheld, lightweight devices which you can reach or grab small objects like napkins, socks etc.
  • Prepare food: Make arrangements for ready to eat food, stored in a freezer which can be used after surgery in the recovery period.
  • Arrange help from friends, family, or professionals in the first few days after surgery.

Deciding When to Have Surgery:

Most spinal problems ease surgery. But one needs it for a progressive problem, to alleviate pain and weakness in neck, legs, or arms. Other reasons could be a tumor in the spine, difficulty in walking or instability of the spine. You can approach spine surgery hospitals in India for making the right decision.


Before surgery, it is vital that you be in top physical and mental condition. For this, you must exercise and follow a healthy diet. A program of aerobic conditioning, stretching and strengthening may be recommended by your doctor. Best is to walk as much as you can. The better shape you are in prior to surgery, the easier is the recovery.


You must inform your doctor about all medications you are consuming, even over the counter medication and dietary supplements. The doctor will wean you off some types of medication weeks before surgery.

Narcotic pain medication, blood thinners (warfarin, clopidogrel), anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, diabetic medication, herbal drugs, ibuprofen may all be discontinued for a certain period before surgery. Aspirin may interfere with clotting of blood and cause bleeding. An alternative is Tylenol, which does not cause bleeding. You must also inform the doctor if you are consuming any cortisone or birth control pills. If you are consuming any vitamins, herbal supplements, etc., these must be stopped two weeks prior to surgery.

Stopping Smoking:

Smokers are prone to neck and back problems and have high surgical risk due to lung and heart complications. This is due to the vascular impact of nicotine.

Weight Reduction and Blood Donation:

Obese patients must try to reduce weight as it increases the stress on the back and causes difficulty in surgery. But crash diets must be avoided as it weakens the body.

One must also arrange for blood for the sake of the surgery. The safest option is your own blood, which can be collected one unit per week.

These are some crucial preparations for undergoing spinal surgery.