How to Organise an Amazing New Year Party?


It is never too early to plan for a New Year party. Also, it comes with its stress and strain as you don’t want it to disappoint your friends and colleagues. No matter how far New Year seems, there are many details that must be taken care of early.

You may choose to select a professional event manager or an event management website to helm the responsibility of organizing your party. Your choice is crucial as it may make or break the event.

Here are some steps required to organize a perfect party from the perspective of a professional event manager:


  • Set the budget: The budget of the event will determine all details from venue to catering to entertainment. Find out early on what is the budget for the client. Allocate this budget depending on the type of company. Keep some money aside for contingencies.
  • Type of party: There are many options on the type of New Year party. Do you want a midnight countdown party or a luncheon blast on New Year ’s Day? Does your budget allow partners such as husbands and wives? Do you want a package party or a customized, bespoke party? Bespoke parties may be organized at your choice of venue with your own theme and catering. Package New Year parties will have standard venue, theme and catering to all clients. This is suitable for big companies who don to have the time to develop a party from scratch. For small companies, there is the option of sharing part details like venue, decoration, etc. with other companies. They can enjoy a grand event without wasting time or money.
  • Book the venue: It is never too early to book a venue. You will have plenty of competitors. Scan the net for suitable venues or enquire word-of-mouth. Seek the help of venue organizers as they will know the ins and outs of the venue. Ask them what extra details will be needed like the staff on duty, decoration, extra furniture, cleaning help etc. Read through the fine print of the agreement with the venue owners and check for any hidden fees. Try and negotiate a discount.
  • Create a theme: The theme is central to the success of your event. Do some research on an excellent theme? These may be- 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, Classic, Bollywood, Masked party etc. Organize all details around the theme: decorations, table arrangements, music, entertainment, bar etc.
  • Catering: Food is a crucial part of any party. Cuisine must be selected according to the theme of the party. You can choose between in-house caterers or external caterers. This depends on your budget, the type of venue and the reputation of the food usually delivered by the venue. Select how you want the food to be served: will it be a buffet or a three course sit down meal. You can consult a chef and decide on the nature of the food.
  • Arranging drinks: Select a choice of favorite welcome drinks. It can be based on the theme of the party. You must decide whether you will pay for total drinks consumed in the night or pre-order a select amount of drinks. Choose also, how to serve the drinks: at a bar counter or by waiters who move around guests.

These are some essentials aspects of organizing a New Year’s party, which will turn out to be a blast!