How to Make Your Own Postcards


Do you always stare at the beauty of postcards and wonder how they’re made? Here’s a guide on how to make your own postcards.

It’s been over 150 years since the first-ever official postcard was sent out and ever since they’ve been a fast and easy method of communication.

Whether you’re a traveler and want to keep the people in your life updated on your adventures or want to show off your hometown, there’s something special and personal about postcards.

You only get a small amount of space to express your thoughts, which encourages you to be creative while still making a point.

Want to learn how to make your own postcards? Keep reading for a simple and easy tutorial.

Decide on the Postcard Style

Before making a postcard, take some time to brainstorm ideas and decide on the type of postcard you want to send. For instance, if you’re sending a travel postcard, you’ll need good photos of the town or landmark. 

If you’re good at drawing, you can make your own art on the postcard cover, or create a mini-scrapbook. You can use old postal stamps, decoupage, glitter, stickers, and washi tape or include your kids to make a postcard together.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, try the best free online postcards maker app and play around with images and colors. You can then print the postcard and send it to people by regular mail or send it in a digital form via email.

Use Quality Photos

If you want to make photo postcards with images of your town or a specific place, landmark, or portrait, try to take high-quality photos with high resolution. Most modern smartphones come with good cameras so you can use them for taking good quality photos. 

Avoid using images downloaded from the internet, as these may be copyrighted or not turn out well on paper. You can always purchase professional photos online and use them if you can’t take your own.

Write the Text

Now that you have a postcard theme, it’s time to write the text. Remember you only have a few sentences to express your thoughts, so use the space wisely. For example, you can just say hi to the recipients, update them on your life briefly, and ask them a question about theirs.

You can also write short poems, describe a place, or even address the postcards to yourself as a way of keeping memories.

Use the Right Paper

Postcards need to be made of sturdy, durable, thick paper in order to endure long journeys by post. If you print and make your own postcards, you can also glue two pieces of thinner paper together.

Avoid materials such as rhinestones or anything that’s likely to pierce through the paper or envelope. Also, avoid sending food or money with your postcard.

Now You Know How to Make Your Own Postcards

Now that you know how to make your own postcards, get creative, and start brainstorming ideas and concepts. Send them to friends in other cities or countries, to your business clients, or people in hospitals, nursing homes, or homeless shelters.

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