How can online learning cater the needs of special children?


When you start an inclusive classroom where all students are respected, it’s essential to use language that prioritizes the child above his or her disability. Disability labels can be perpetuated and stigmatizing false stereotypes in which the students who are disabled are not as competent as their peers. According to a survey, about 14 % of all students in public schools received special education services. And it is also reported that more than 65 % of students with disabilities spend at least 70 to 80 % of their time in the general education classroom. Special education students in the general education classroom, the need for assistive technology to help their learning by giving accommodations and differentiated instruction. American International school Dubai is playing a vital and beneficial role in this respect.

There are many types of disabilities; it can be temporary, or some are for long-term. Such as blindness or low vision, hearing loss, learning disability, chronic health disorder, psychiatric or psychological disability, and many more disabilities. Therefore, some different types of technology are used for special education. Assistive technology increases the functional potential for people with disabilities and learning differences such as cochlear implants are useful for a deaf child and also a wheelchair helps students get around. So, in an online school, students have different learning methods and styles. Technology can modify those learning styles to convey the content in a way that works suitable for the student. In special education students often depend on no tech items such as organizers, pencil grips to position fingers correctly, highlighters, timers show how much time is left for a student to change mentally and also a magnetic sheet to hold pictures and words.

Homeschooling plays a very crucial role for particular students. Because in homeschooling, you can more easily train the child’s education than at school. Homeschooling parents can engage with disabled students their best compared to special education teachers. And it’s a better option for children who take longer than most to finish their work and can study at their own pace as well. In this process, parents are more able to complete health care roles as well as the teacher role, which made education more secure, safe and comfortable for disabled students. These children might need to visit a medical appointment regularly. So, homeschooling provides them with more flexibility with health care appointments, and they don’t have to miss out on learning days, but they can visit when they are feeling up to it.

In a homeschool, a special child can work as speedily as they want and can’t be held up by filler work the trainer assigns them to occupy them while the slowest children in the class catch up. It means students are learning more academically at the proper level. Homeschooling is famous for special children because parents know their child very well, and parents tend to specialize in their child’s disability, ability or any particular need. The teacher sometimes doesn’t know about their student’s specific needs as well as their parents. Because of time restraints, these students may not get the proper attention which they need. On the other hand, they  get far more attention to increasing their academic grades and learning experience as well.

Homeschooling in the UAE is very famous among expatriate families due to the unsatisfied demand of traditional schools. Some families are not able to secure a place at their preferred school and also fees for private schooling in the U.A.E are increasing relentlessly. An increasing number of parents in U.A.E are homeschooling their children because it is more affordable for them. These parents are choosing to homeschool their child not only because it helps them avoid the high tuition fees of the U.A.E school, but also they can focus on what they feel are more suitable subjects for their child’s future and also according to their talents. In private schools tuition fees range very high for example if it is Dh 3000 up to Dh 100,000 depending on the quality. And that is a charge without the additional expenses such as transportation, uniforms, extra-curricular activities and sometimes lunch allowances also including. Hence, there is a big reason to attract families to the homeschooling system and adopting this option, many families can save their money. The best option is homeschooling and iCademy Middle East provides the best services for every person in every place in equal manners. iCademy Middle East was based in Dubai last 2007, and they successfully educate over 600 students. They have about 51 online teachers who are certified, subject specialists. Furthermore, many families in U.A.E are in transit, in the middle of the region and are unsure of their length of stay here. So iCademy Middle East also offers flexibility in homeschooling for disable or special kids in the term of start and end dates throughout the year so that they can get education.