Health Benefits of Swimming

  1. Works Muscles

When kids swim, the water creates a natural resistance that works the muscles throughout the body. This includes the legs, arms, back, core, shoulders and buttocks. When a child learns how to swim and then does so for exercise or for fun, they build strength and mass in the muscles throughout their bodies. This offers them benefits by making other forms of exercise and everyday tasks seem much easier. Lean muscle mass also boosts a child’s metabolism, helping him burn calories more efficiently.

  1. Increases Flexibility

Flexibility is great for making a child’s body more fluid and less prone to injury. Because swimming keeps your child buoyant, he can build flexibility in his muscles without a lot of time or effort. The more a child swims, the more flexible he becomes.

  1. Burns Calories

Burning calories is an important part of good health because it helps maintain a healthy weight. Kids who are too heavy are more prone to a variety of health problems now and as they get older. Those risks range from joint problems to heart disease to diabetes. By swimming, kids can burn plenty of calories and burn off the foods they eat so they don’t become overweight.

  1. Builds Endurance

Endurance is a good thing for kids to have because it allows them to push their bodies at play and while exercising without tiring too quickly. Building endurance also means a child’s heart is getting a healthy workout, which keeps it pumping as it should and helps ward off health problems related to the heart.

  1. Lowers Stress

Swimming is touted as a good way to exercise while also lowering stress levels at the same time. Children who experience too much stress are more likely to have a lower quality of life and could suffer from mood disorders, weight gain and other complications. Incorporating swimming gives a child an active outlet for stress in a relaxing and enjoyable way. Many research studies indicate that regular exercise is a prime way to battle stress, and swimming is a fun option for kids of all ages.

  1. Improves Coordination

Kids aren’t naturally born with a lot of coordination. They learn it as they progress toward crawling, walking, jumping and running. Swimming is a fun way to boost coordination because the risk of injury is lower than it is with other forms of exercise. Children who are more coordinated have more success at sports and other physical pursuits, and they experience more confidence than kids who aren’t as coordinated.

If you’re wondering whether swimming is the right choice for your child, consider what the pros at Pearland swim club can do for you and your family. Not only will your children learn the basics of swimming, but they can also advance to more difficult classes as they go. Your child will love swimming, and the benefits it offers are a bonus you can all feel good about.