Habits that Exaggerate Dandruff


If you think that your forefathers are responsible for your dandruff then you are wrong. If there is something that causes dandruff then that is you. Yes, don’t be surprised there are plenty of things that you do and trigger dandruff in your hair and scalp.

These flaky, uncomfortable white flecks are caused by your grooming habits;it is not because of some inclined genetic order. The good side is that you can prevent the dandruff with your ways and habits. Apart from using an Organic anti dandruff shampoo, it would be ideal to take into consideration the following points.

Too much of shampooing

Mostly dermatologists warn against using shampoo on your hair every day.  The worry is that by doing this you might strip the scalp and hair of natural oils and trigger irritation. Shampoo must not be used daily. Thesooner you accept this fact, the quicker you would solve many of the hair care and scalp issues. The function of a shampoo is to eradicate excess oil, filth, and product build-up. A simple yet proper rinse will remove most of these issues, and the extra build-up should get washed away with shampoo every third day. Otherwise, you end up drying out the hair and your scalp by stripping away oils that keep everything fed and strong. This is the moment that your skin flakes and your hair droops. However, in case you don’t shampoo sufficient, this entiregrime and hair product is going to choke out the fit skin cells and hair follicles. Soon you would see that you have got flaky skin and oily hair. It is not a good thing too. The point is shampooing is a tricky and balancing game. The get through is washing your hair properly with a shampoo thrice a week or minimum twice in seven days. In this way you would keep your hair protected from dandruff.

Dryness does not bring dandruff

In case the skin on your body or face gets flaking or itchy, the first instinct you have is probably to reach for a conditioner. When the scalp is flaky, though, it is generally the outcome of too much oil rather than too less. It is a common myth that dandruff is triggered by dryness. It develops because of the persistence presence of yeast.  In many individuals the yeast begins to feed on excess oil and the dead skin cells on scalp, leading to the condition wherein the skin cells shed frequently and bunch into flakes.” so, if you think that you would apply plenty of oil on your hail and scalp and get rid of your dandruff thing then you need to think again.


So, stick to Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo and use it whenever you give a head washes. Make sure you guard for your habits to eradicate dandruff from your hair and scalp. Once you are taking care of all your habits and giving your hair the attention it deserves; you won’t encounter dandruff in your life!