GMC Sierra Common Problems & Solutions


A GMC Sierra is a reliable truck that can haul heavy loads and keep you traveling safely and comfortably. If you’re experiencing an issue with your truck’s performance, check out these common problems and their solutions. From MAF sensor issues to flywheel repair, discover how you can find the parts, tools and repair guides you need online.

How To Repair Your GMC Sierra Flywheel

A flywheel is an essential component of any vehicle with a manual transmission. If you’re experiencing slipping gears, difficulty changing gears, unusual vibrations or odd odors, it may be time to replace your flywheel.

This component stores rotational energy from your engine. As your engine runs it turns the flywheel. Unusual or irregular rotational energy would normally cause your truck to experience hesitations and stuttering acceleration, but a flywheel continues to spin to create smooth, stutter-free movement. It’s also helpful as you change gears. Pressing on the clutch and switching gears would typically cause intense vibrations, but a flywheel helps smooth this process as well.

Shop for a new flywheel and other GMC Sierra auto parts online. Flywheels are typically thicker than flexplates, so they are less likely to be damaged than their automatic transmission counterparts. A damaged flexplate causes similar performance issues with an automatic transmission, so consider replacing this component in your automatic truck if you are experiencing transmission issues. Be sure you choose the exact replacement part you need before removing your damaged flywheel.

Where To Find the Right Auto Parts for Your GMC Sierra

Tackle a cracked flywheel, damaged MAF sensor or other issue with the right auto parts. Your GMC Sierra uses a range of components that are specific to it or to all GMC trucks. Using the wrong auto part can cause further damage or fail to resolve the issue.

A common part that needs to be replaced on your Sierra is an MAF sensor. These sensors can be exposed to contamination and shock, both of which can damage them or compromise their reading. This sensor is used to keep your air/fuel ratio on track, so it’s important to keep it operating effectively.

If your check engine light is illuminated, use an OBD-II scanner or stop by an auto parts store to have the error code read. A failed MAF sensor typically needs cleaned or replaced. Other signs that this sensor is having issues includes a stuttering engine, stalling while idling and reduced fuel economy.

Carefully remove your sensor and find an OEM replacement. Look for it between the throttle body and air filter. You’ll need to remove the wiring harness and carefully disconnect it before swapping it out. Sometimes your sensor simply needs to be cleaned, so consider using an MAF sensor cleaning solution before replacing it altogether. These are just a few common problems and repair solutions for your truck. Find a GMC Sierra flywheel repair guide and other helpful resources online. Troubleshoot your truck’s performance issues today to determine the exact replacement part you need. Shop online or at a local auto parts store to enjoy affordable prices on must-have replacement parts.