Give your home the Philips Treatment


Science and technology have long given humans control over their environment and the ability to control their immediate surroundings. Whether it’s an air conditioner to beat the heat in summers or space heaters to beat the cold in winters, we have created appliances using our knowledge to create a comfortable living experience for ourselves.

Appliances ensure that we can control our immediate surroundings giving us the ability to create a living environment that is comfortable to us and shields us as much as possible from external factors, not within our control.

Air Purifiers

Pollution is a reality all of us are extremely familiar with and cope with every day. Polluted water, air, and soil and become a reality that we cannot deny and thus as is our nature we have come up with solutions to these modern-day problems.

Just like water purifiers are used to purify contaminated and polluted water to make it fir for drinking, air purifiers are now high in demand to safeguard against polluted air. Over the past few decades, air quality has deteriorated rapidly and the air we breathe now is contaminated with dust particles, smoke all of which constitute particulate matter which when inhaled can cause serious health problems.

With the growing demand for air purifiers due to the rapidly declining air quality in major cities and metropolitans in the country, the air purifier price in India has come down to meet customer demand. Air purifier price in India is now at their all-time lowest making them easily affordable by the common man.

Philips Air Purifiers

Philips has been a trusted brand in our country for decades. From selling transistor radios to televisions to now home appliances, Philips is a name that invokes trust and familiarity in Indian households.

Philips has used its expertise to create air purifiers that are designed to meet the needs of the Indian population and cope with air quality issues unique to India. The air purifiers use several techniques like thermodynamic sterilization, ultraviolet irradiation, ionizers and purifiers to clean the air in your home and office of any particulate matter giving you fresh and clean air.

Philips air purifier price in India has also come down greatly and starts at just INR 5000 making them incredibly affordable. The affordable Philips air purifier price and quality ensure that your room whether at home or office always has clean and fresh air that is safe to breathe for you and your family.


Air purifiers have become a necessity with the ever-increasing air pollution levels to keep the air you breathe at home clean and safe. Get a Philips air purifier today for the better health of yourself and your family.