6 Useful Tips to Improve Your Concentration at Work

in the library - pretty, female student with laptop and books working in a high school library (color toned image)

Even if working or studying for the same amount of time every day, people will still achieve different results. It’s not just because of the professional ability, but also influenced by the degree of concentration.
There’s an inescapable fact that we all like to relax and have fun, and nobody loves working all the day constantly. So skills and tricks are also required here to stay focused on a long period of boring job.

1. Good Sleep Habits

Some people are used to staying up late at night to finish the task due to heavy workload or procrastination. Others may simply enjoy the free time at night and don’t want to go to bed early. Either way, it can make getting up early in the morning very difficult.

Even if you force yourself to get out of bed, you mind will still be in a daze and you will have no energy for the whole day. Therefore, it is no wonder your concentration can be hardly concentrated on working or studying.

So, if you’re a late sleeper, try adjusting your routine to go to bed and wake up more early and regularly to boost your energy levels. It will greatly improve your productivity during the day.

2. Write Things Down

What would you do if you are reading a book and can’t understand it? Grabbing a pen and paper to start taking notes seems like a great idea.

Similarly, when you have something unclear about your current job and feel difficult to keep focused, it can be much helpful to take these things down as well. Because at the same time of taking notes, you are actually managing to organize your mind and focus on the event itself.

To make the process more easy and intelligent, you can record all these important things and information in some powerful tools like Microsoft Office apps. With some useful Excel and Word tips, you can definitely do better in managing and preserving your records.

3. Set Smaller Targets

If you only have a big and general goal, you will be very easily distracted since there are too many things and information without a clear clue. Instead, you can set a specific goal for yourself, and split it into multiple small achievable tasks. Then you just need to accomplish each of them step by step.

For this purpose, you can make a list in Excel spreadsheet. Even if you are a newbie, there are many practical Excel tips for beginners can help you. Once you have a clear idea of when and how to do a specific thing, you will find it’s easy to get rid of distracting thoughts and focus on what’s truly important.

4. Learn to Refuse

The best idea to stay concentrated is say “No” to the interference.
There’re so many things to do in your life, some of which are the jobs & tasks must be done, and some of which are asked by others. If you don’t know how to refuse the unnecessary requests, or dwell on it for too long, it’ll become more and more difficult to stay focus, and eventually lead to the most important things on your own hands being put off constantly.
On the contrary, learning to say “no” politely and clearly can help you stay concentrated, and make the best of your limited time.

5. Small “Punishment”

In modern society, using corporal punishment to urge people working hard is obviously no longer feasible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create good habits by duly giving yourself small “punishments”. Simply put, you can wear a rubber band around your wrist while working and lightly flick it once you find yourself daydreaming, or use cool and refreshing facial spray to bring yourself back to reality.

The point is to develop a reflex mechanism that allows you to recognize that distraction is bad, and remind yourself to take your attention back to what you are doing. Over time you will develop the habit of focusing.

Don’t overdo it, of course. What you need is an effective warning, not real punishment.

6. Create an Undisturbed Environment

If you don’t want to be disturbed, then the first thing you should do is staying away from the interference. More specifically, you should create an appropriate study or work environment according to your actual situation. Don’t let the noise, temperature, hungry or an uncomfortable chair to be the reason why you get distracted.

And when it comes to Internet, I know it’s unrealistic to completely block electronics out. But if you’re working on an important task, it’s better to minimize their impact, like switching your cell phone to silent or airplane mode. Cause as you know, every time you receive a message, you can hardly only read & reply it. There are so much information that will entice you to view and search for more. If you are searching for current affairs and general knowledge updates online. Must visit FindForGK once.

All in all, it may be impossible to pay 100% attention on something. But you can try improving your concentration by making small changes in your daily routine. Once you get into the habit of focusing, you’ll find yourself far more productive and finally able to get better results in less time than before. And thus you will have even more time for your avocational interest.