Free Download Mobile games to play with your friends


Are you boring to stay at home alone? Here the games download free for mobile android to play with your friends.

How games download free for mobile android?

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing millions of people around the world to stay at home, ruling out the possibility of reuniting with their friends and relatives. 

What better way than to stay in touch if not taking advantage of the many activities that the online world allows us.

For this we have compiled a list of 10 online games and activities to have fun with friends and relatives while staying comfortably at home.

List of games download free for mobile to play with your friends:

Mario Kart Tour

Compete with your friends on the Mario Kart Tour

Compete with Mario Kart Tour together with seven other players. The game is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. It contains optional in-app purchases and users must sign up for a small subscription to play online.


What better way to spend time with your family than with a game of the classic UNO card game? Look at below, for best game download free for mobile android.

UNO game download free for mobile, invite your friends to play UNO! online


Free download game for mobile, Challenge friends in Monopoly

The Monopoly app brings the board game to any mobile device. Once the game is downloaded, users can play the mobile version of Monopoly with their friends and relatives.

Online Rummy

“Best game download free for mobile android/ios”

Rummy is also a very popular game that is played in many countries. It is a card game but now it comes in an app. Indian Rummy Game is now available on play store and you can download it to play online with friends to overcome the boredom.

This mobile rummy game gives you the experience of a real rummy game but in the comfort of your smartphone and you can earn money by playing rummy online games.

Maze King

Mazes are wonderful brain teasers. This free brain games will test your mind and keep you tough. Check out these addicting puzzles, word games, and more. Find out more and the bigger the maze, the harder it is.

Chess time

Chess time is a fantastic mobile option for playing with friends around the world. The game offers several background colors to choose from, country and leaderboards and a timer to see how long the challenge lasts. You can also enable options like the quick chat keyboard, the coordinate display, and the valid movement color.


QuizUp is one of the most fun quiz games with a huge variety of topics. You can choose between business, education, history, and science. Or see who knows more about sports, games, television, and music. The trick is to answer a series of questions quickly and correctly. Raise the levels as you annihilate your friends in this battle of wits.

Words with friends

Words with friends has been popular all over the world for years. But if you have never tried it and you like word games, then you have to check it out. The gameplay is like a beetle, where you create the words with the letters that are given to you. Words must connect on the board and longer words and letters with higher point values ​​help you get a higher score.

Endless word search

It’s another smart game to play against your friends. Search for infinite words. The game takes place in the same classic style as the word search puzzles you’ve seen all over the place. But Search for infinite words allows you to choose the topic of your puzzle with options such as animals, countries, fashion, and many more.

Facebook games

Open your Facebook mobile app and select Instant Games from the menu. Or, when you’re online on a desktop or laptop, click the Home button and choose Games from the left navigation. These are the list of games download free for mobile android, choose any one of the games to play with your friend.