Easy Way to Understand Contract Drafting


There is a law for every activity in India. That’s what makes the legal profession so complex in its nature. Contracts help to take away a bit of that complexity, establishing the truthful relationship between the individuals, businesses, and the governing authority. Drafting a contract is the first confidence-building step for any relationship, business, or civil. Every citizen of India must gain a good understanding of how contracts are conceived, drafted, and then executed. A Contract Drafting course is the easiest way to get started in this field.

So, let’s define a contract first?

Any legal document signed between two parties (bilateral) or more (multi-lateral contracts) for a certain duration of time is a contract.

A contract is drafted with a person, relationship, conditions, rules of engagement, and time as essence.

It is a legally binding document consisting of an offer, acceptance, consideration, and legal consequences arising from the completion of a contract or breach of any principle mentioned in the document.

For a contract to be enforced in a court, it has to be drafted and executed as per the basics of law. Contracts have to be understood and explained in a verbal language form, with an actionable agreement between the parties. If any party fails to understand the contract, it can be revised.

Why draft contracts?

Unlike other theory-based paperwork, a legal draft is the most complex document one can ever come across. It has to be written with both contexts as well as principles that can be argued with verbal persuasion in a language form.

Hard to understand, isn’t it?   

Most contracts have a standard format, with the provision to include the principal MoU, cost of the agreement, and conflict resolution. Contracts remove ambiguity and scope of harm to both parties in case differences arise during the relationship.

Each contract has a clear title, date of execution, name of the parties involved in the contract, place of agreement, and recitals focused on clauses and obligations.

Contract with expiry date ensures that the agreement is interpreted with warranties under legal provisions.

What Drafting Skills Does One Need?

Language skills, writing, verbal, and comprehension, are important to start a legal contract drafting career. It is the most fundamental skill set that every law professional shall acquire irrespective of the specialization they choose to opt in the future. In fact, every law student should have the necessary skills to accurately read, interpret, and explain each word of the contract in a simple way to the clients.

In the last 6 years, online legal courses have steadily grown to become a reliable source of law certificate resources to learn contract drafting. Law Certificate Courses offer learning and training related to drafting and research, litigation, and so on.

In a Law Certificate Course, you will gain skillful knowledge and expertise in drafting the most persuasive legal documents in the shortest of time.

A legal mentor or an advisor to the law student trains, molds and explains the various minute nuances of legal models, writings, and principles of law that separate a great solicitor from the average ones.