Experience the best anti-aging therapy with HGH


Popularly referred to as HGH or HG, the Human Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates reproduction and regeneration of cells in animals and humans and stimulates its growth. This substance works in collaboration with the collagen in the body to rejuvenate the skin and maintain muscle composition. While this supplement is sometimes referred to as the fountain of youth it is also not free from the market misconceptions that tend to make rounds in the market involving its use.

Ensuring proper dosage intake

The dosage level for HGH is measured in terms of IU, i.e. International Units or mg, i.e. milligrams. The recommended dosage intake greatly varies depending upon the purpose of use and the sensitivity of the use to such component. The general dosage intake is 2 IU daily for anti-aging purpose while for bodybuilding, fitness and weight-loss it is 4 to 6 IU and for treatment of severe burns and injuries, it is around 8 to 16 IU per day.Dosage intake below 3IU per day shows no significant side effects with users experiencing improved skin conditions, increased energy, better sleep and enjoying junk food without gaining much fat.

A prolonged use of this component at a dosage of 4IU per day can result in some negligible side effects like water retention in the hands, toes and face and an occasional feeling of tingling sensation in the palms, commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is due to the presence of growth factors like IGF-1 resulting in such significant improvement in the muscle and bone growth. Users generally prefer to continue its use until the side effects gradually disappear.  The dosage intake of 4IU per day should be usually split up into two equal halves, one in the morning and the other at late in the afternoon.

Purchasing under a prescription

Those people who can afford to consume HGH for performance enhancement purpose should first identify a physician who is willing to prescribe such supplement for personal use. This is due to the fact that this hormone is prohibited in many countries for human use other than if prescribed by a physician for health-related complications. However, this compound is allowed to be prescribed by all registered practitioner to all individuals in need of such hormone.  Therefore, this is most frequently prescribed by health-care professionals, anti-aging clinics and family doctors who retain a ten times profit margin to sell the same.

While the prices for the big reputed brands in the market range from about $10 to $20 per IU, the local brands make it available at a much cheaper rate. Due to the strict penal provisions being imposed on the illegal use of substance there is a black market for the same which makes it available to all potential customers looking to benefit from the use of such substance. The presence of growth factors like IGF-1 makes it one of the most favorite anti-aging supplements in the market. However, it is strictly recommended to avoid the black market products to refrain from injecting any potentially harmful substance in the body.