Enhance your social media presence by using funny photos


Life is full of surprises and there’s nothing better than to take a small time out from the constant chaos around us and take a little time-out for something that tickles our funny bone. Facebook is rapidly becoming a medium that people turn to for getting updates on the recent events, or indulging in content that is appealing to them. Whether it’s in the elevator or during the ride home, you won’t see a single person who doesn’t have their head buried in their phone, oblivious to the world around them, laughing at the content they see.

Sharing humorous and funny content will always be of great use when it comes to your Facebook page. Funny Facebook photos are a way to interact with your audience and captivate them so that they can keep coming back to your page for more. Funny Facebook photos that have a wit of their own and speak to the people who are looking at them is the key to building a strong audience because one does not turn away from a laugh or something that will make them smile.

Here are three pointers to enhancing your social media presence by using tips for Funny Facebook Photos:

1)Set your brand tone

It is very important to set the tone for your brand before you start injecting Funny Facebook photos into your content calendar. Your online and offline identities need to gel in and set a tone that will appeal to your users

2)Have Fun With Your Fans

Posting Funny Facebook Photos doesn’t have to be a mundane task. Involve your audience by asking them questions that will excite them and push them to interact with you. A primary example can be by adding a funny photo on your Facebook and ask your followers to caption it for you.

3)Tell A Story

Posting Funny Facebook Photos isn’t just that. Build a web of pictures that will interest your user. Take a bunch of funny photos and add them in a sequence that will keep your audience guessing what’s next?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a good laugh and we look at brands and pages sharing funny jokes when it comes to choosing who to follow on Twitter or Facebook and we prefer the ones that make us smile. Although it might be risky, if done the right way, humorous content can boost your brand and your image in the right way.