Colors Impact Space


Colors are very important as they are life enhancing and play a vital role in changing our mood. This is why it worth the effort to invest time and resources in adding those colors to our environment which please us, motivate us and help us stay settled in a situation or phase.

Colors need to be incorporated in the right proportion in home décor so that they can create a suitable ambience for us. Therefore it is important for us to first understand which colors make us comfortable so that we can incorporate them in our design and avoid the ones which makes us uncomfortable.

Colors also make the space look small or big when they are complimented with right silhouettes. The image given is a good example of a small room made to look grand with the sufficient use of different tones of same color. The colors used in this room are soothing so that they give a calming effect. The color scheme is not only used on the wall paints but is also carried on to the accent décor and upholstery so that nothing stands out to cut the space. If a very dominant focal point is created here, the view of the length and width of the room will break in between dividing it and making the space look smaller. Therefore all the obstructions in the view have been avoided as far as possible and yet kept the design interesting by the delicate frame of the canopy bed with a curtain of delicate fabric and matching color. The entire room has been done in two colors Winter Grass 3D 0822 and Grenville Gold 3A 0824 so keep the ambience calm, fresh and soothing, only a hint of earthy brown has been brought by the furniture and rest of the wood work.

The accessories used have vintage appeal which relates to the shades in the room. If any of these elements is too dominating it will not blend in the environment and break the sense of space hence failing the purpose. Yet another important aspect is not to let the room be stuffed with too many accessories. Use minimum decoration if the room is small in size.

Also cramming the space with heavy furniture will lead to feeling choked in the room. If the spaces in the room is already limited, do not further limit it with putting heavy furniture or wardrobe in it. To avoid making it look chaotic and use stuff that looks and feels light and occupies lesser area. However, using mirrors for decoration on walls or tables is a brilliant idea as they reflect light making the space look bigger and lavish.

The upholstery should be simple and delicate as sheer fabrics are flowy, look good and do not occupy space in perception. Moreover, these fabrics are easier to roll up or tied up when needed. The print should not be heavy which grabs too much attention. In smaller room, décor should be such that it blends with each other well.