Downsizing After Divorce? 5 Ways to Get Your Partner’s Memories Out of Your Mind


Separation is the roughest phase, which sadly millions of people have to experience. The pain is often felt for days, weeks, and even weeks.

Ultimately, it’s you who have to make efforts to get your life back on track.

Moving on after separation is imperative, as you don’t want to spend the rest of your life drinking and cursing yourself.

But, Before That, You Need to Do Certain Things to Declutter Your Life:

1.     Downsize Your Space First

Managing a large home calls for a big bank balance and abundance of energy, both of which you are going to be short of after the legal separation. Thus, it is typically recommended, as downsizing your house makes you feel cosy and comfortable.

You have to be honest about your needs and resources. If you don’t have kids, find a rented accommodation or move to another city, perhaps to the suburbs (or locality).

On the other way round, consider accommodations which are in proximity to the school of your kids. 

Yes, moving back to the apartment life may seem strange, but it is a good idea to cut back on your expenses, especially for men who have alimony cheques to sign every month.

One thing not to mention, moving can be stressful, and since you are going through a divorce,  hire competent movers in Adelaide to take care of all the hassles associated with removals.

2.     Bid Adieu to Old Furniture and Memories Attached With Your Marriage

Do you wake up in the middle of the night seeing after-marriage pics on your side corner table and feel like burning them? Yes, then you need to swap your old furniture with a new one to bring freshness in your somewhat depressed or halted life.

Seeing the sofa set, coffee table or enormous white Ikea bed will always reflect all the happy memories you shared with your partner. Make sure that anything that reminds you of his/her needs to be put away from your eyesight. Have your furniture movers in Adelaide shift the old household items to your parents or any relative’s place.

Coming to your bedroom, are you still sleeping on sheets that you used during the happiest days of your married life? You loved the colour scheme, the fine prints and just about everything about that bed sheet, but now hate it to death, does that sound familiar? Then, it’s time to visit a local interior decor mall to check out some new and exciting sheets.

At last, don’t forget the closet, open it to what’s in there and what it has to say to you? It is a total mess, dreary stuff that is old and worn out? Is it flooded with things that make you feel low every time you see them or do they remind you of your partner?

As they say—people who have come out of divorce strong— life is bigger than separation, there are many good things in life to cherish, so take the big step to declutter your life.

3.  Friends

Divorce is that phase in your life when you can deduce who all really cares about you. You’ll find many of your best pals, those you thought had your back during your tough times, only had it for your sunny days and smooth seas!

If someone you trust is making you feel anxious or lousy, then it’s time to be selective about the people you choose to share your problems.

Connect with people who make you feel good about yourself and life.

4.     Social Media

During separation, social media often proves to be a double-edged sword.

Although it lets you stay connected with your friends— when you need all the support to come out strong,— it is a devious way of showing your ex is happy and even back to dating.

So, at least a month or two, give yourself a break from social media consumption.

5.     Get Rid of Worries

The most important thing to reboot your life post-separation is to get rid of all your worries. After divorce, most people tend to sweat over small things, instead just focus on the stuff that really matters to you:

  • Do you have a place to sleep (even temporarily)?
  • Do you have a source of income?
  • Do you some good friends
  • Are your basic life necessities like food, safety, sleep, etc met?

If you got all of these, then you’re doing really good, and on the track to get over the dark phase of your life.