Different Types Of Coverings For Concrete Stairs

Concrete Stairs

If you are planning to give your concrete stairs a new look and feel, you will be able to choose from a few options already available at home-remodelling.net . Each of these options has some pros and cons and choosing the one that is right for you could go a long way in changing your concrete stairs into a decorative part of the home. The cover option you pick will be determined by a number of things including the location of the concrete stairs, your preference and your budget. Some options are harder to install than others and if you opt for DIY installation, it will be important to know your options very well.

Types of Coverings for Concrete Stairs


Tiling is one of the most commonly used methods for covering concrete stairs today. It is a good and artful option especially if you are covering stairs that are located in a common part of the home. Tiles are ideal as they present homeowners with a variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from and therefore you can choose one that best suits the stairs based on their location. You can come up with different patterns by cutting and mixing or laying tiles or choose to keep the style simple by using basic tiling options. Tiles are good in that they are waterproof, durable and they present a host of options based on your desired outcome.


Wood covering for concrete stairs is aesthetic and suitable for indoor stairs. Wood is liked as it is stylish and warm and can provide you with a nice looking staircase in areas not exposed to water spillage and flooding. Precut kits are readily available in local stores and this makes it easy to install this covering without contending with many hassles. You can choose from www.biopolymerics.org a number of hardwood options and stain it to give you the results that you desire. You can select from a host of stains to match the home décor.

Natural Stone

Slate tiles can be an ideal material if you are looking for a rustic covering for your indoor and outdoor concrete stairs. The material is readily available in pre-cut form from different local hardware stores and comes in different sizes for a stylish finish and look. The natural stone has many advantages over other materials one of the being its durability. If you opt for DIY installation, slate presents a major challenge and therefore you should not try it if at all you are not comfortable. Hiring a professional will be advisable.


Carpeting is one of the simplest ways to cover your concrete stairs. It is a classic option and offers a wide range of options for use. You can choose from http://www.BuildGreenAtlantic.org a host of carpet thicknesses, colors and designs. It is however ideal for indoor concrete stairs (betonnen trap bekleden) and should be installed on top of a liner and not directly on the concrete surface for stability. You can also opt for brass rods to keep the carpet firmly in place. Carpeting can be used in different styles and on different materials as well.

For quality finish on your project, it is always advisable to work with a professional installer rather than opting for DIY projects. Always use the right covering for the stairs and this means considering the location and any elements that your stairs might be exposed to. Remember, you can achieve aesthetic results using the concrete stair coverings.