Data Science is Reshaping Indian Job Market


Terms like Big data and data science have long been associated with buzz or trends, something that has suddenly arrived and taken the world by surprise. Well, it is about time that we admit them as integral parts of contemporary mainstream industries. Indian cities like Bangalore and Delhi are creating 6000-10000 data centric jobs each year. Experts are looking at a shortfall of 200,000 analysts and data scientists in India by the end of 2018. It is literally, the prime time for data science.

Data Science in Business

Data science has a deep academic history and has now become a decisive factor for any enterprise. The number of startups has increased phenomenally in India keeping pace with the global market. The key to survival and success for these startups is taking measured steps and decreasing risk. Not too many startups have the luxury of abundant funding. Many have to make do with very little and have only one chance. The only abundant resource is data which can show you the past and present. If you have a team of trained analysts and a skilled data scientist, the data can show you the future. This very quality has made the study and analysis of data an indispensible part of businesses of all forms and scales and created a great importance of a data science course in India.

Creating the competitive edge

Both big and small companies in India are paying their analysts and data scientists handsomely. The startups are often offering more than the large companies which is not surprising because a great analytics team can keep them afloat in the competition against the big ships. A few words by a key member of Analytics Leadership at Flipkart, Puneet Gambhir, can shed light upon the general inclination of Indian companies. Puneet Gambhir says – “We are assiduously building up the analytics talent pool within Flipkart. Analytics enables us to create better and differentiated experiences for our customers at all touch-points of our business and hence the need to shore up on such skill sets.”


The great Indian talent pool

Gradually India has become a talent pool for data science and analytics. Industries around the world are relying on Indian talents to deal with their data oriented and analytical problems. Although I mentioned India as a talent pool for the global market truth is India is not producing enough big data professionals or data scientists to suffice for the domestic needs. India’s domestic big data industry is yet to rise to its peak. India will have a fair share of the tremendous worldwide growth of big data market which is expected to touch CAGR 26.4%. The market of advanced analytics is also going to witness a steep expansion.

The role of data science course in India

The whole situation is extremely healthy and encouraging for a data science aspirant. But along with the mathematical or statistical knowledge that makes a data scientist stand apart a good data scientist needs to have a multidisciplinary skill set. In order to be valued highly in the market you need to be proficient in more than one data related tools. Practical knowledge in software systems like SAS or R/Python, proficiency with data visualization tools and great communicative skills are absolutely necessary. Both off line and online data science courses in India can be greatly helpful in the making of a good data scientist. A data science course that not only trains you on how to use certain tools but also helps you get a hang of the industry and lets you work on real time projects to evaluate yourself can be crucial to your becoming a data science or analytics professional. In a broader frame the good data science courses in India are helping a generation of aspirants get ready for the future.