Colours that are Sizzling the Art World in 2017


Every year there are some colours which end up attracting more popularity than the others. This year is no different. There are certain shades which are all over the art world this year. Sophisticated hues have taken the centre of the podium in 2017 and one can see a lot of these in the coming times. Even the paint industry is on the lookout for these colours as they will bring their statement shades in accordance to these.

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In an artwork, colours play a very crucial role. Whether you choose to buy art prints online or prefer to buy paintings from renowned galleries, the first thing which catches the eye of anyone is the colour scheme running across the artwork. So, here we bring to you the most popular colours which are sizzling the art world in 2017.

  • Pastel Pink:
    There is something so beautiful about this colour that people can’t have enough of it. Right from paintings to canvas prints, this colour is dominating the art world this year. This ultra-feminine shade glows like a dream when natural light falls on it. The pastel undertones suit the palette of people of all personalities. This universal acceptance is a big reason behind the popularity of this colour.
  • Mineral Grey:
    This colour is ruling the art world at the moment. Interior designers are drooling over this shade and are purchasing striking art prints online and paintings from local galleries which belong to this colour family. The shade is not only beautiful but speaks immensely for itself. This rich colour takes the entire appeal of the room up a notch and gives an expensive appeal to the entire space.
  • Glowing Yellow:
    It looks like people can’t have enough of this shade. Right from pale yellows to bright mustards, these shades can be found everywhere. Yellow furniture is making headlines this year and kitchens are also being adorned by the shades belonging to this colour. The world of art isn’t left behind in creating memorable artworks belonging to this colour family. The cyberspace is filled with art prints online belonging to this colour family.
  • Dusky Blue:
    Enough emphasis cannot be laid on the beauty of this colour. Suitable for all places, this colour can do justice to almost any place. Right from walls to canvas prints, this colour is catching the fancy of art lovers. Artists are drooling over this shade and are creating fabulous pieces which belong to this colour family.

These four colours are making headlines in the world. Their magnificence isn’t restricted only till the art world, but the world in totality is a fan of these.