Colocation Data is the Solution for Small Business


Colocation is the act of putting together all information or data relating to a single purpose in one store whether online or offline physical stores. In this case, we will focus on online data storage.

Cloud computing is a growing technology that allows you to put all documents relating to your business in an online storage known as the cloud. Both small and large businesses have adopted this technology of storing their data and other applications in the cloud/drive. The reason being, cloud providers are more affordable and convenient for their clients to quickly access data and applications.

However, companies especially the larger ones have hesitated on moving on with this latest technology due to the criticality of some of their information. Such said information could be personal data or the propriety information relating to their company. Also due to large volumes of data being processed by these companies are hard data. In addition, some are rigid to change their traditions, thus viewing cloud computing at a far glaze.

According to search cloud and the tech target company, almost half of the companies that they serve are using more than one cloud storage service providers to store data. Actually, they have been specific that on average, these companies have stored 24% of their total data in their systems.

There are many benefits linked up with coloration. Below are some of the reasons why the small business operators should adopt this technology are:

  1. Money saver

Perhaps your company was founded long ago when coloration was a dream to many. You may have been experiencing many challenges in terms of affordability and sustenance of your data storage systems. The truth is, the cost-effectiveness of cloud data storage systems cannot be compared even in any way to the tradition hard data storage systems. One key benefit of the cloud computing system is that it is very cheap to start and sustain.

  1. Maintenance

Have you been worrying about the maintenance cost of your hard copy materials? Have your storerooms been so much congested with files and catalogs?  Worry no more! The online cloud system is set to perfectly match you the small business owner. Maintaining your records as well as retrieving them has been made easy.

  1. Management

Management of data in cloud computing has proven to be very easy. Naming and coding for easy retrieval and editing is one of the benefits that have pulled many online users and small business companies to making use of the cloud computing.

A research done by search the Tech Target Network showed that of the total number of respondents from their statistics, 63% of the respondents were using the cloud computing and had already started using the cloud system to store their data.

Concerning disaster management of the data or in other words data recovery from cloud systems showed that 44% of the total respondents were satisfied with the system. File sharing ability garnered 41% of all the respondents in that category and proper archiving got 40%.

  1. Convenience

Apart from being cost-effective, another greater reason why the small business operators should adopt this strategy is that of its convenience. It is possible to access the information stored in the cloud system anywhere in the world and on any computer despite their origin or make.

With a high-speed internet connection, your data can reach to most people in just a few minutes without causing a jam in the system. As for most business operators satisfying their customers either with information or in service delivery is their main goal. That is why colocation is important for clients to access all information that they need in one pack without causing much mobility.

  1. Room for expansion

With cloud data storage services, your business may scale up without investing so much on servers or workforce to keep things running. For traditional data storage systems, they did require the task force to care and control the movement of information within the business. As opposed to that, colocation actually needs a few of the operators to manage the data making it easy for the companies to expand more.

  1. Security

With the cloud system, data management has been made secure from the results of both human and natural interferences. In fact, with the cloud comes in the colocation centers where all information relating to the businesses is controlled. Not necessarily that the information be based on the same premises where the business runs but can be managed far elsewhere.

This makes it secure to manage secured data from access to unauthorized agents. Colocation centers may be defined by a number of companies with common grounds managing their data from.


Coloration in a great way has influenced on how businesses operate linking with lots of information to share. In fact, cloud information management systems have been a new technology that most businesses are running into abandoning the old systems of data management. The pros of this system, outdo the cons thus its effectiveness should not be underestimated.