Canada Immigration Eligibility Points Calculator

Points calculator for Canada

One of the easiest and fastest ways to check one’s eligibility for immigration to any country is through the immigration points calculator. It is a program specifically developed to check how eligible a person is by calculating his or her score on the basis of simple MCQ type questionnaire. This questionnaire has questions related to various aspects of the person like their age, educational qualifications, job status and experience, skills possessed and languages are known. On the basis of every choice, scores are given. Currently one has to have a score of 67 on the Points calculator for Canada to be eligible for applying for the Canadian visa.

Necessary Points for getting a Canada PR

To get a permanent residence visa application, one needs to have the necessary documents certifying educational background, language proficiency (IELTS test results), identify proofs, work experience, and health and character. The applicant also needs to have enough money so as to pay for the application procedure. They also should possess a relevant document stating the citizenship of their home country and should not already be a citizen of Canada. During the process of the pr approval, the applicant may be called any time with the necessary documents. So, he/ she needs to be in the country at that time.

Methods of Applying for PR

PR application can be done as an Eligible skilled worker or international graduate or  an Investor through the following different programs:

  • Canadian Provincial Nominee Program: In this process, one does not have to wait much for their profile to be selected from the pool. He/ She does not need to have a Job offer letter for applying for the program. One can choose the province simply and then apply on the basis of the skills that they possess.
  • Express Entry Process: It is based on your job skills. If you have an offer letter for a job or have applied for a Ph.D. in Canada, then you are eligible to apply for this program. The applications are accepted on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System which assesses the points attained on the basis of these selection factors: education level, age, language proficiency and skills, and degrees.
  • Sponsored by family or relatives: If one has any relatives or family members in Canada who are permanent citizens of the country, it might become easier for them to get a pr.

All details you need to know about the pr procedure

  1. The steps include Educational Credential Assessment Procedure, Invitation To Apply, and Express Entry Application Program.
  2. The time required: Express Entry Process may require 6 months, QSWP may take around 13 months, while business or investor program may take 97 months, PNP’s take between 6 to 15 months based on whether the application is through an express entry or not. Sponsorship by family depends mainly on request.
  3. Fees required for getting the pr visa is INR 28143 for both principal and secondary applicant and for kids under 22 years of age it is 7675. Although keep in mind that the fees may vary with respect to the visa you have applied for.

Thus, the process to apply for PR visa in Canada is very simple and mainly requires the points to be calculated on the points calculator for Canada PR.