Buying Organic Cannabis


Finding good quality cannabis that is also natural and organic can be difficult. Many growers use fertilizers in an attempt to get the biggest plant with the biggest yield with no real concern for how it affects the quality of the final product. Lowell Farms on the other hand has an entirely different approach.

What is Organic Cannabis?

Cannabis is notorious for soaking in whatever nutrients or elements that are in the soil that it is growing in. This means that if the soil in which a cannabis plant is growing has high concentrations of something like mercury, there is a very good chance that the resulting plant is also going to have a high concentration of mercury. When a plant is grown specifically for consumption it is always best to make sure that the soil in which the plant is growing is clean, that it is free of chemicals or any type of contamination that might cause the resulting product to be less than in terms of standards or even potentially hazardous to those consuming it.

Organic cannabis is grown in clean, organic and expertly balanced soil to create the best cannabis plant possible. It is also free of fertilizers, chemicals and other additives that might alter the final product at all. Lowell Farms grows all their cannabis organically and their final products are free of additives, solvents, and other harmful chemicals that might change the final product or that might cause harm to their customers. Lowell Farms has long stood by their promise to grow and sell organic and sustainably responsible cannabis for their entire loyal and ever growing customer base.

Lowell Farms Organic Cannabis

Lowell Farms was a small startup two years ago but after their weed flower crown accessory at Coachella in 2017 went viral, the company started to grow rapidly. The head piece was $55 and was completely smokable and quickly became the “it” accessory for the entire festival that year. Since that risky move and subsequent big payoff, Lowell Farms has only seen positive growth and attention from customers that are famous like Bella Thorne and Miguel, to the average cannabis consumer.

The artisanal brand has since rocketed to fame in California and they now sell more organic cannabis products than ever before. The company has even gained popularity for their carefully crafted and catered “weed bar” that can be rented out for your special occasion.  Lowell Farms offers a huge range of organic cannabis products that are made with only the finest cannabis that has been organically grown.

The Cannabis Café

Lowell Farms is also the proud owner and proprietor of the first ever and only cannabis café in the United States. The Lowell Farms Cannabis Café is set to open at the end of September 2019 and offers food that is expertly created by head chef Andrea Drummer. The café offers a dining room that is separated from the cannabis lounge by the kitchen that serves both areas. The café is a stunning feat as it is the first and only legal cannabis café in the country.

They offer a range of fantastic food options as well as great organic cannabis and cannabis products so that you can find something for everyone. The café is already sold out for reservations for the first 30 days of operation with a-list celebrities and the cannabis connoisseur. Lowell Farms is working to break the boundaries of cannabis consumption and they are working to make cannabis an acceptable and enjoyable way of life for those that enjoy cannabis and want to experience top notch cannabis.