Better Workflow And Efficient Field Service Management With The Best Software

Field Service Management

The field service sector is facing tight competition and you need to do more with less to increase the profits. What can you do when marketing efforts are at its peak and unable to reduce the costs or increase the prices? This is an important question that haunts controllers and small business owners alike. The best answer to this question makes you free from this severe issue and runs the business towards a bright future. It is time to rethink the process and you will find that it is the time to boost up the efficiency of field service management for the purpose.

Workflow is important

Your technicians work in different workplaces engaging in their work. You need to know the workflow of each of the technicians to manage the work orders accordingly. This helps you to distribute the orders for the technicians on time to reduce the idle time between the works. Idle time is one of the important indicators of poor scheduling and brings loss to the business. You should find a better solution for better workflow and efficient field service management.

Reduce wasting time

This is the best answer to the question of how to increase the revenue without cutting the cost and increasing the price. Just think one of your technicians get idle time of 3 hours between jobs and another technician is provided with 2 hours of overtime. Here what happens is you have wasted five hours including 2 hours of overtime and 3 hours of underutilization and both bring loss for you. This is the place where you need the best service management software.

Live dashboard

The software provides you with a live dashboard that is so easy to manage through the mobiles. This shows the scheduling hours of all of the technicians. This helps you post the work orders for all of the technicians accordingly to stop wasting the hours between the works. Technicians can also update the work status including delays to schedule the next works and to make billing perfect. This live dashboard helps both the business owners and technicians to increase the revenues at the same time as providing timely services for the customers.

Automates the process

Software with electronic workflow automates the processes including scheduling, dispatching, and tracking process. Since more than 90% of your workforce uses a smartphone at work, it makes you free from paper-based works and reduces the administrative burden. This helps you save money, human resource and most importantly the time.

Good software comes not only with workflow management. It comes with the features to manage and automate all of the areas including scheduling and dispatching, QuickBooks integration, mobile app, estimate creation, timekeeping, invoice & payment, calendar views, GPS tracking, team management, customer management, reports and dashboard, and support. In short, you can manage the entire business with a smartphone at anytime from anywhere.

Field Promax provides the best field service management software in the market to reduce waste and to increase billable hours with seamless integration of workflow with employee’s smartphones.