Best Wedding Bands for Men to Keep the Memory Alive Forever


When we make plans for marriage, the only thing we focus on is a bride. The engagement ring of the bride, wedding dress, flower bouquet and all the pretty things. We do not think about men as much as women. But men also love to keep memories alive. A wedding band is something he would cherish his whole life. So while making plans for everything, it is essential to buy a unique wedding for men. Show to your to be husband some love with a single wedding band. Let’s see some tungsten carbide rings for him to keep both of your wedding memory alive forever.

Mercury tungsten carbide wedding ring:

This is such a beautiful ring that you will be the center of attention with its beauty. The finish is sparkly and posh. The surface is ribbed that the design makes it a masterpiece. It creates a visual effect because the design reflects light at different angles. You will get a lot of compliments with this tungsten carbide ring. These rings are affordable and long-lasting which will save your pocket and shine like a new memory forever.

Two-toned white and rose gold ring:

This gold ring is made of white gold and colored up with rose gold. You will find this ring beautiful if you prefer gold over anything. Gold does not lose its appeal ever. The design is simple, but the color makes it attractive. But if you want to add gemstone to it do not go for others except diamond. Others will lose sparkle that will make your wedding memory pale.

Platinum wedding band:

Platinum is one of the world’s rarest crust on the planet. It is hypoallergenic that will never cause allergy at all. There are a lot of designs to choose from. You can try detailing the band with some small diamonds. Keep the design subtle which will complement the look more. Platinum is a little bit expensive, but after some years when you will look at it, you will realize it was not a wrong decision. Platinum also looks amazing.

Palladium wedding bands:

If you are unable to spend hundreds of dollars on platinum, you can go for a palladium wedding band. It is very popular because the price is one-third of platinum. It looks classy with dark grey color in it. It also has the same quality that platinum has. Hypoallergenic and does not lose shine easily.

Yellow gold ring:

Yellow gold will appeal to the taste of people who are Asian. Yellow gold looks traditional for Asians. This classy ring does not fail to impress others as well. Go for a hammered style with yellow gold. The design looks like small hammers put pressure on it. It will look like you are back to Egyptian culture.

Silver ring as wedding band:

The most affordable metal available is silver. Silver is cheap compared to other metals. You can get this if you are stuck with a small budget. But this kind of band does not last long. The color and shine go away after some days. So keep the design as simple as possible


These are all the suggestions for tungsten carbide rings for him which you can get as your wedding band. Choose the designs as per your taste. The tungsten carbide ring will be better if you are on a budget. It looks shiny and beautiful. The appeal does not go away even in a hundred year. If you have the bigger budget go for platinum bands. Whatever metal your wedding band is made of it does not matter at all. Focus on the love you are going to get and that is the only thing that matters.