Best Guide to help you in choosing the best optional subject for IAS Exams


For someone to completely get fixated with the idea of pursuing the IAS Exam is one of the decisions that are not only instinctive but are also a choice that is made by the aspirant with deep roots in their heart. Now, one of the most important factors about UPSC CSE is that the optional subject plays a very important role in the overall result of the candidate. Hence, it is essential for the candidate to make sure that whatever they choose is something in which they can actually score well.

So, today in this guide, we are going to talk about all the aspects that you need to take care of while making the choice of the Optional Subject for UPSC IAS Mains. With that being said, let’s jump right into it.

How does the choice of optional subject impact the overall result of the student?

Now, this is something that you should know beforehand. The reason behind this is that with this information being known by you, it will be much easier for you to make better decisions. The total marks that can be obtained by an aspirant in the entire IAS Examination pattern are 2025. But, from this, a total of 500 marks are covered by the optional subject. This means that optional subjects can contribute to almost one-fourth of the total maximum marks that a candidate can obtain.

So, for someone who wants to make sure that whatever optional subject they choose, the results can help them to get some increment in the overall result, they need to shortlist all the subjects that they find their interest in and then rank them in a planned manner to find the perfect optional subject for them.

How to find the subject in which you have an interest in?

So, in order to choose the subject which an aspirant likes more than others, the first thing that they need is to find deep down in their heart as to what subject they are most comfortable with. Thus, the first thing they should do is to get the latest list of subjects that are published for choice by the UPSC. This way the candidates will be able to know as to what choices they have among which they can pick.

Now, once the subjects eligible for the choice are known by the candidate, the next thing that they should do is to try to think thoroughly as to what subject is their strong suit. Another way to do this is by finding the subjects in which the candidate has scored better marks than other subjects.

How to shortlist the best options?

It is common at this stage of the selection procedure that the candidate will have several subjects on their mind and here even a small diversion in the thoughts can result in an aspirant choosing the wrong subject. So, right now they need to study their picks and then look out for a subject that is scoring as well as a subject in which the candidate still has an interest.

This will work wonders in terms of literature subjects. The reason behind this is simple as there are a number of ways with which the students can make the choice. It could be anything from choosing the native language to choosing a language that is easy to get a grasp upon.

The last step of the entire procedure is to check for the success rate of the subjects. By this, we mean that they should check as to which subject the ratio of candidates appearing is higher to the number of candidates scoring well. Subjects like Agriculture and Accountancy are on top of these lists as it offers a much better opportunity for the students to score higher.

So, these are the tips that will help you in finding the best optional subject for you. Although if you have already enrolled in an IAS Coaching in Delhi such as EDEN IAS, then the mentors will themselves help the students to pick the best subject out of the big list.