9 Essential Tips to Become Successful in Freelance Writing Jobs


Writing jobs in India have become one of the most popular freelancing or work from home jobs in India. In the age of digitalization, good content plays an important role in the success of a business. You can be a web content writer, SEO writer, book writer, ghost writer, blogger, journalist, and so on with your skills in writing.

The following article gives you some tips on how to do well in freelance writing jobs in India.

You should know and you should be a master in writing

Along with a good command over English, with a good command over grammar, you should also have a good command over business writing. This means that you should master the art of writing in such a way that you are able to appeal the end users with your writing and sell your business. In other words, you should be a master in business writing.

Upload your CV and portfolio on all the genuine freelancing websites

Register on the various websites and fill in all details. These freelancing websites are just like regular job portals where you can apply for freelancing writing jobs.

Start slowly and at a steady pace

Don’t rush yourself and take up too many projects at the same time. This will hamper your quality. Instead, go slowly. Initially, your payment will not be up to the mark. But don’t get disheartened. Gradually, with more and more good writing jobs in your hand, your earnings will also increase.

Create a solid portfolio of yours

In order to get more clients for your freelance writing jobs, you should have a proper portfolio where you can display the word docs, written published articles, blogs, URL links of your writing. Experts suggest that your portfolio should also include reviews of your work by your previous clients. This creates an impression on the new customers.

Develop a Marketing Plan

Developing a master plan is very essential. You should have some goals before becoming a full-fledged freelance writer so that your freelancing writing job becomes your full-time profession. For this, you need to have a proper plan and goal so that you can make it sustainable business.

Promote yourself

This is very essential to do well in freelancing jobs. Create an impressive profile on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Be a guest author. Start guest posting in which you need to give an author bio and this helps you to get noticed.

Have Your Own Blog

Besides the official links in which your writings are published (with or without your name), it is necessary to have your own blog where you can write on anything that appeals to you. A blog shows your potential as a creative writer to your potential clients. In the long run, your blog can attract uses, who, in turn, can become your clients.

Know basic SEO

Many freelance writers in spite of being a good writer do not know to do SEO writing. When you are in freelancing writing jobs, most employers prefer writers with SEO skills. SEO writing is writing content using appropriate keywords so that the keywords used can pull up the business on Google. Other basic skills like as a catchy title, good headings, sub-headings, conclusion etc. are part of SEO skills which every freelance writer should be aware of.  Knowledge of Basic SEO helps to do well in writing jobs.

Be a Specialized writer

You may be a skilled writer, very innovative, creative and knowledgeable about many topics, but it is advisable to specialize in niche writing. This you can develop at a later stage or at the very beginning of your freelancing career. When you are an expert with a specific subject, it helps you to attract relevant clients. For instance, you enjoy researching and writing on Finance. In that case, you can be a specialized finance writer and do well in writing jobs related to finance.Author Bio:- Hi, I’m chinmayee Jha. I’m a writer. I am a fan of digital marketing, web development, and content writing. You can read my articles with a click on the button above. Follow me on Twitter