9 Essential Camping Supplies to Pack

Camping Supplies to Pack

Some of the camping supply stores these days are the size of an aeroplane hangar, and they are wall to wall with products for outdoor enthusiasts. But savvy campers know that there are things you need to take camping, and then there are many things that are better left on the shelf. Camping means different things to people. Survivalists like to test their bushcraft, and holiday campers sometimes want to bring along the whole house. But there are a few items that are very useful and might be included on any camper list.  Here is a list of some of the most practical camping gear.

  1. Tarp or Fly Sheet: If you ever watched Survivor, a tarp is one of the first things they offer as a reward. Staying dry is often critical to survival, and a waterproof sheet of some kind can be a shelter, or it can protect your items from getting wet. Many styles of tents come with a built in fly sheet, but it is good to bring along another one as well
  2. Knife: A knife can be used in so many ways, it is unthinkable to go without one. You should probably have two, one that can function as a machete and another for small tasks. With a knife and a flysheet, you can already make a shelter.
  3. Rope: A few lengths of rope always become helpful. Paracord is popular and usually inexpensive, and a rope is easy to pack and doesn’t add much weight. Rope is definitely something every survivalist will bring along if they can.
  4. Tent: Unless you plan on building your shelter, a tent is probably the first thing you think of when planning a camping trip. These days tents are super light and easy to put up.
  5. Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag is another item you are unlikely to forget, but it is absolutely the best way to stay warm at night unless you have an RV. If possible, consider the temperature rating for the bag and bring along the one that best fits the conditions. Camping is no fun if you are too warm or too cold.
  6. Pots: At the very least, you need a pot to boil water and cook a few items. How many you want to bring along is up to you, but they are typically heavy if you pack everything into your location.
  7. Fire Starters: You will have learned from survival shows that starting a fire without a device or matches is hard or sometimes impossible. There are various fire starter tools; you can’t beat a disposable lighter though, make sure you have a few.
  8. Container for Water: Dehydration can quickly become a medical issue. Bring lots of water, and if you are boiling water, you will need a container to store it. It is best to have one that can handle hot water.
  9. Cooler: If you are bringing perishables, you should also have a way to keep them cool. There are many types of coolers available.

One should also remember to bring bug repellent, duct tape, and a first aid kit for any camping excursion. Pay attention to weather warnings and local advisories too.