8 Tips to Send Online Invoices to Your Clients


Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is focusing on making India a digital country. However, it can only happen when people are aware and educated enough to perform the online payments. Along with GST, it is important to go cashless and perform the transaction via different applications made to help customers as well as the sellers. This will not only help the country to become digitally active but will also reduce the corruption in India. Online invoicing is one of the best ways to conduct the transactions from one state to another in a hassle-free way. The major benefit of knowing online transactions is that you do not have to run to different banks to deposit the cash or placing cheques. You just need to learn the process using GST tools and applications and in return, it will simplify all your tasks. In this post, we list 5 easy tips to send online invoices to your clients or customers. Take a look.

1. Utilize the Right Tools

Using the right tools is of utmost importance. Before doing any transaction, your business needs to have the right tool to generate the invoices in different formats for different clients and mail the invoices electronically. These tools also help in managing and tracking the invoices. Hence, choosing the right platform is extremely important. Another way is to use an app which is mobile-friendly and allow to accept payments, track your billable hours and set-up recurring invoices through your mobile device.

2. Make the Process Easier for Clients

The easiest way to send online invoice is to make the process easier for yourself and for clients as well. All you can do make use of different tools such as reliable GST return filing tool, accept payments through credit cards, debit cards and offer your clients multiple payment options. Make sure you also offer your clients the simplest way to accept payments on the go irrespective of where they are currently residing or visiting.

3. Personalize your Invoices

One of the most amazing way to popularize your business I to personalize your invoice by printing your company’s or businesses’ name on it. It is an awesome branding opportunity to gain a competitive position the growing market. All you need to do is add your company’s logo, showcase your skills, mention your clientele, offer a discount coupon for it and so on. Including such information, while preparing online invoices have a great impact on clients and customers.

4. Send Invoices to Your Clients Promptly

Always make sure that your invoices are prompted to your customers at the right time or within the deadline. After GST every business needs to generate the invoices at the end of every month. While using the GST return filing tool, you can use a reminder option included in it to generate invoices and send them to the clients on time. This will help you to remain on the top of the customer’s mind. Allow your customer to send the payment at the moment.

5. Offer Recurring Billing

It isn’t beneficial for a business to keep on waiting for the client’s payment after the invoice has been sent on time. It not only wastes a lot of your time in waiting but also increases the risk of misplaced orders and track records. Recurring billing, on the other hand, eliminates the stress and intimate the clients and customers again and again about the outstanding amount they need to pay in regards with the invoice they have been given online via the seller.

The Bottom Line

Generating online invoice is one of the best ways to ask for payments to the client and the customers. It reduces your worries of generating invoices in particular formats. All you need to do is avail a reputed software that contains genuine tools and application using which you can generate the online invoices at the end of each month in a hassle-free way.