8 things you can do while you are in Coimbatore


8 things you can do while you are in Coimbatore

There is no doubt why Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South India. From its cultural heritage to urban lifestyle, Coimbatore is a blend of both of them which always welcomes its visitors with both arms open. There are many places you can discover in this city from its charming weather, picturesque waterfalls to green mountain ranges. Must make plan for booking hotel rooms in advance via using available Oyo Rooms Offers today before visiting to Coimbatore.

If you are planning to visit “Manchester of South India” any time soon, then these are 8 things you can do while you are in Coimbatore.

Watch the sun going down from Valankulam Lake

If you are in Coimbatore and want to rejuvenate your mind and soul alone, head to Valankulam Lake and witness the sun going down the horizon. Amidst the nature, seeing the sun going down when orange rays kiss the lake’s water will give you a mesmerizing sight and fill you up with nature’s love and its beauty.

Not only will you witness the beautiful and lovely landscape of sun setting but also when you sit among the different bird’s species like Little Grebes and Purple Moorhen will add more tranquility and bliss to the surroundings.

Take a safari at Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as Anamalai Tiger Reserve, this wildlife sanctuary is expanded around 958.59 sq km. If you are a wildlife lover and enthusiast, then you must not miss the wildlife safari at Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Located at Pollachi in Coimbatore, you can go in the lap of nature and wildlife altogether. In the lush dense green forest at Anamalai mountains, the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is home to different plants and animal species. Moreover, if you get lucky, you might witness the national animal of India, Tiger which will excite you for sure. You can book hotel and can choose directly best options nearby your area via Yatra Coupons today.

Get a photo clicked with the huge Adiyogi Shiva Statue

For sightseeing, you can go and see the gigantic Adiyogi Shiva Statue. You can click your photos clicked with this architectural masterpiece which is 112 feet tall and 147 feet long. You can seek a blessing from the statue of Lord Shiva which is a symbol of inner peace and also self transformation. Located at Maha Shivratri Grounds at Velliangiri Foothills, this gigantic statue has also been featured in Guinness Book of world records.

Go for a racing event at Kari Motor Speedway

If you are a car and adventure enthusiast who is always fascinated by petrol and speed, then you must go to Kar Motor Speedway and spectate a racing event which will definitely give you goosebumps. Located at Chettipalayam, the Kari Motor Speedway is a racing arena with 14 banking turns and is 2.1 kilometers long. The arena was only built for Formula 3 racing and hosts many national levels competitions like National Championships, bike racing events, and formula racing. So, if you want to smell some fuel, go and enjoy at Kari Motor Speedway.

Go for meditation at Dhyanalinga

If you really want to spend some time alone with yourself and away from the hotch-potch and hustle and bustle of the city, then you can go to the tranquil region at Dhyanalinga. In the Isha Yoga Centre located at Velliangiri Foothills, you can meditate at this peaceful temple and fill yourself with positivity making a way out for the negative vibes- Above all, rejuvenate your soul and mind by attaining inner peace.

Go for a road thrill drive at Valparai

If you love adventurous rides with your best friends and group, then you can take a drive to Valparai. It is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Coimbatore. From beautiful landscapes and amazing landscape views, this ride will definitely turn into the most beautiful and memorable ride of your life. At the Anamalai Hills at the altitude of 3,500 feet above the sea level, you will cherish every minute of the breathtaking greenery and journey.

Get yourself drenched in Monkey Falls

If you are in Coimbatore, the best thing is to go and get drenched yourself in the gushing water coming out from the nature’s lap at Monkey Falls. To reach the beautiful waterfall, you have to trek up the rocky mountains and breathtaking landscapes. After you reach the top, you can take bath in the milk white water and refresh yourself. Though you can find many monkeys at the place as the name itself suggests, they might become a pain in your back but the overall experience will be something that you will remember for the longest time of your life.

Taste some of the South Indian delicacies

If you are in South Indian city and don’t taste the Southern India food and delicacies, then you have missed the essence of the place. The essence of a city resides in its food. That’s the case in the Manchester of India, Coimbatore- if you are in this city, don’t forget to relish the traditional South Indian food. From Dosa, Idli to Sambhar, you can go to restaurants and taste these mouth watering delicious delicacies