6 Tips for Buying Full-Length Mirrors

6 Tips for Buying Full-Length Mirrors

Mirrors are the attraction of a beautiful home and they also make the rooms look spacious. Full length mirrors can be used in any type of room and are helpful in checking one’s height as well. Below are some tips to help you buy the ideal full-length mirror.

  1. Type of Full-Length Mirror

Usually, there are two types of full-length mirrors; leaning and cheval. Leaning mirrors are erected using a focal point of the room. These come in beautiful designs and artistic features and add up to the glam of the room. Cheval mirrors can be used in any part of the room since it can be removed from its frame and moved to any other part of the house. Its flexibility in terms of movability, allows you to decorate your room with this mirror you wish. Go for these mirrors to decorate your room with beauty!

  1. Mirror’s Size and Shape

Full-length mirrors come in different shapes and sizes. You can either go for slim, taller ones, narrow ones or similar other shapes. The height of these mirrors range from a minimum of 160cm to a maximum of 175cm, with their widths from 60cm to 70cm. Similarly, match your room’s pattern with the shape of these full-length mirrors, such as the rectangular ones for simple patterns and oval ones preferred for special occasions.

  1. Frame of The Mirror

While choosing the perfect full-length mirror, one should always look for its frame, which plays a big part in upgrading its overall feature. One can also go for mirrors with frame, or for the frameless mirrors according to requirement of space for the room. Various frames of mirrors are available such as gilded frames which have beautiful metallic finishes with traditional or modern touch, or wooden frames for that classy look of the room. You can also select the suitable style such as antique, or farmhouse, or contemporary type.

  1. Finishing of The Mirror

Redecorate your room by choosing from a range of mirrors with quality finish and designed edges. This not only adds a new dimension to your room but also redefines its styling. Antique finish gives an old and ethnic look, bold colours give an artistic finish, whereas various letterings or solid patterns give it a modernised look. The variations in edges of the mirrors such as seamed, or pencil edges also make difference in the look of full-length mirror, giving it a decorative look to your room.

  1. Interior Design

The interior of a mirror can be readjusted keeping in mind the space, height, and other such features of the home. In bathrooms and hallways which require good reflection, appropriate mirror is hanged. Mirrors can also be hanged at different corners of a room, to make it look more spacious. Similarly, to increase the intake of light into the room, one can hang the mirror opposite a window which bounces the light in correct proportion. The use of large and unique mirror adds depth.

  1. Care of The Mirror

Mirrors should be kept free from moisture or from any contact from the water surface, thus various sealants are used to protect the back of the mirror. The mirror should be properly cleaned from dust using a clean cloth. The use of strong chemicals and solutions which can harshly damage your mirror should be strongly avoided. Use of plaster, mounts, screws, rings, and other such mounting and suspension materials help in the process. Make those mirrors crystal clear for a better reflection of yourself.

Having gone through this, you can now look for full length mirrors in Sydney  or any other cities with proper specifications and measurements. Enjoy your beautiful reflection in these mirrors. Make these mirrors tailor-made to your requirements and needs to enjoy your beauty every day!