5 Useful Must-Know Promotional Tools For Your Business


Any business needs advertising. Whatever good your service or product may be, the world should get to know about it somehow. However, broad and effective advertising doesn’t mean hiring a lot of staff and spending a plenty of money. There are great ways to promote your company for little money or even for free, which are available for both experienced entrepreneurs and beginners. Let’s explore those wise promotional tips everyone should know.

1. Include your promotion into communication
Anytime you have a business talk or send an email, be sure to promote your business information, such as your company name, address, website and contact phone. If you still lack something from tis list, have it made immediately! Even a small business benefits from business cards, so have them with you anytime. Besides, you are likely to put out lot o other documents. Create a common heading for them with the necessary business information included. This way your every communication will lead to promotion.

2. Use social media
Social networking is a powerful promotion tool, because they allow broad exposure and high public activity. Most social media allow creating business pages absolutely for free, but don’t make more accounts than you can manage. A deserted uncared page can only lower your business ratings. Moderate all your social media pages regularly or hire someone for this job. Posting about your latest business news, projects and achievements will greatly increase public awareness and influence your popularity.

3. List in business directories
Another useful tool for getting the word out is online business listings and classifieds ads. Find Internet platforms for classified advertising in your area and create posts about your products or services. Most of such sites are free and offer some additional paid options for better promotion. It takes little effort but has huge influence on your sales rating, because people are able to find your product while searching for similar products in some particular area. Don’t neglect those opportunities!

4. Consider keeping a blog
Blogging has become a very popular activity recently. If you have your personal blog, use it for promotion. Writing articles about your business can become one more way to gain public interest. For example, if you are a photographer or a videographer, you can write some interesting facts about your DSLR camera or have a video blog showing your works. It’s easy and funny!

5. Remember about freebies
People like receiving things for free. Distributing promotional products has proved to be an effective marketing technique. There is a great range of various promo items from T-shirts and pens to some original accessories peculiar only to your business. Just don’t forget to include your contact information in every promo print. Besides freebies, you can also provide little customer rewards, like gift wrapping, discount certificates or small resents for the first 30 customers. This way you will give a welcome surprise and create a good impression. It really works!