5 Steps to Perform Before Going on a Weight Loss Diet


Here I propose the preparation of a complete weight loss plan that can be completed in just eight weeks.It certainly will not be easy, but if you are not at your ideal weight and want to improve, follow the advice and I ensure you that it will be your most suitable choice.


In the first place, you must make sure that you understand what the weight loss plan is, what the objectives are that you must aim and how you are going to implement them.To do this, I offer you the following tips;


1 – Make sure you are overweight!


I know it sounds a little silly, but many people feel that they are overweight, and in fact they are not.Excess weight starts when you are about five pounds over your ideal weight, depending on your age and physical condition.Be careful with starting a low calorie diet without needing it, because it can be harmful to your health.A minimum weight variation between one and four kilos perhaps deserves some attention but by no means of a strict diet.


2 – Attenda medical examination


The last words about your nutritional health must come froma doctor. So you should take an appointment with your doctor or nutritionist and he/she will tell you, according to your age, physical condition and other factors and what your ideal weight should be.It is very different for people who train and who do not and for people in old age than in their youth.Also, if you suffer from obesity, you are probably suffering from other medical conditions, and you must treat them as soon as possible such as diabetes or hypertension.Let your doctor make advice.


3 – Keep your track written


In your daily activities, you will often forget facts and figures.So have a simple control of it with a notebook or on your mobile; take notes for your current weight, your ideal weight, your daily weight variation, weekly and monthly.If you lose it, it will cost to retrieve information.In addition, the satisfaction of seeing your weight is reduced is an incentive to keep going .


4 – According to your overweight, know your goal!


Here we face a somewhat complex issue.Suppose you are overweight by ten kilos, you can finish it in two months.If it is higher, you should think about a decrease in stages since the very sudden weight loss can be harmful to your body.


5 – Once set your goal, persevere!


There is no use to abandon your diet and start back each week or you will achieve only fall into boredom and eventually get tired and pour away your efforts.Start your diet or join john barban weight loss program venus factor review if you are sure you really want a change in your life and your body.With perseverance and determination, you will achieve your goal of losing weight for sure.

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